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little birdie quilt

It is finished! I’ve been working on a toddler quilt for my (not so) baby girl. I’m loving the bird/owl whimsical theme, so I’ve been doing little things here and there to update her room with it. Somewhere in between her learning the power of the word “no” and saying it to me all the time and her ever growing running and climbing skills I realized she doesn’t need a “nursery” anymore, but a more fun and creative environment. I’ve been perusing over many creative blogs to gather inspiration and information on a fun (easy) quilt. Remember, i’ve only been sewing a few months now, so making the jump from adorable easy dresses and skirts to a quilt was somewhat intimidating. But there are some things you just have to try to learn. I bought a simple pattern on etsy and using mostly what I had on hand I jumped in. I used a white background, some scraps from other projects for the birds and wings and added a strip of blocks on the top and bottom of the quilt that weren’t included in the original pattern. I bought some bright almost vintage looking fabric for the back of the quilt, half off at hobby lobby. I think it was like $6 for a yard and a half. I found the light pink binding fabric at goodwill, I got what I estimate to be at least 4 yards, for $1!! So with using old materials and only spending less than $15 for materials (including the warm and natural batting I used), I figured if it was a terrible disaster I wouldn’t mind.

I was pleasantly surprised to see  that it turned out great! I love love love it. I did a diagonal quilting pattern using invisible quilting thread. I got off course a few times during the quilting because I couldn’t see my markings well enough on some parts, but maybe it just adds character. ha. I attached the binding to the front by machine and hand-stitched it on to the back. I learned a TON while putting this little guy together. and I had fun too! Enjoy!

hand sewing the binding.
The front
up close
The Back
I think she likes it!

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