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The Story of Us- Part 2

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May 19, 2007

It was an early Friday afternoon, but this one was different. It was our last event of the season. After 9 months of touring this “season” of our life was coming to a close. Reading my journal entries up to this point it is obvious that God was doing something deep in my heart. I kept writing about how I felt like I was being prepared for something deeper. I had no idea what that really meant. We were spending our afternoon like we had done every other Friday of the tour… Mal was doing Kylen’s hair for the drama while I piled on my stage makeup. I’m sure we were having a “deep” discussion about boys God. There was a knock on the door and in walks Cody, an intern friend of ours that was working with the Joyce Meyer event in the arena next door that weekend, but he wasn’t alone. I immediately noticed the young man he had with him. He was wearing a backpack, had sunglasses hanging from his collar and the brightest blue eyes you’d ever seen. I shook his hand and looked into his eyes as Cody introduced him. His eyes were piercing. I’m certain at that moment somehow his eyes saw into my soul. We talked music… Gungor Band, Unhindered, and other worship bands. It was a short meeting, they had to get back to work. As the door closed behind them I walked back over to mal and Kylen and emphatically threw my hands on the counter and said “OMG, Did you see his eyes?!” They joked around about how I was such a flirt and noticed every guy. I told them I was sure he had a girlfriend or was married, I mean, he works for Joyce Meyer he has a plethora of women to choose from. We went on about our evening, performed our drama and headed out to side of stage for the Barlow Girl concert. Suddenly Cody and blue eyes appeared and were rocking out with us. We were getting into it and blue eyes and I ended up joking around and playing air guitar together during the concert. He made me laugh. I loved that he could let loose and have fun, even if Cody wouldn’t dance with us. As the weekend went on it was a bitter sweet thing. It was the last event, and I knew most of my close friends wouldn’t be staying with us for the summer so I tried to soak up as much time with them as I could…. Pushing that bright Blue eyed boy to the back of my mind…. At least for the time being….

 in Des Moines, IA…. the last stop of the tour!
Drama Team
During THE Barlow Girl concert that blue eyes and I rocked out to together.

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