got dresses?

Tonight I finished the last part of my 8 week term of school and I’m delighted to get another 2 weeks off before started the next term (Biology and English Comp, oh boy!) I have developed a pretty good system for getting school done along with everything else I have to do. I have become accustomed to it, but I am SO happy to have some time off. I usually find myself struggling with guilt as I put off my homework to work on some other project that seems more interesting at the time. I’ve been working on a gnarly blanket as my crochet project. I’ve been taking my time with that one because it is so labor intensive and I get frustrated so I have to walk away. Lately I’ve been getting so caught up in projects that I forget to take pictures and then just jump from one to the next. I’ll admit, I have a little project ADD…. I jump around a lot. Mostly, I’ve realized, its when I don’t see immediate results I get bored (or frustrated) and start working on something else. Plus, I’ve been trying to get some spring cleaning done. All i’ve managed to do is clean out Payton’s closet, but at least its a step! When cleaning out her closet I realized a lot of her clothes done fit her anymore! She must have had some kind of growth spurt cause her pants are too short and her shirts are too. I’m really starting to get excited for summer because it means she can wear some cute dresses…. so i’ve had dresses on the mind! take a look at some recent projects…

i decided to take one of her "too short" shirts and some gingham fabric and make a dress
I used elastic thread to create the shirring at the waist and sewed it to the shirt
she seemed to like it
I made an adorable dress for my niece bella, who should be here any day now!
my first attempt at a "pillowcase dress" and making my own bias tape
a little long, but cute!
good models never look right at the camera...
completely unrelated.... but I had to add this in. my recent favorite. doesn't she look so grown up?

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