i think that’s going to be my new nickname for little P. She is such a little firecracker. It’s amazing to watch her develop such a defined personality. I love watching how her little mind makes connections. She has recently fallen in love with being outside. While she isn’t exactly walking independently (she can stand by herself and take a few steps, but then she sits down. lazy girl) she loves to go walk out in the front yard (as long as i’m holding her hand she’s good). This morning she went and got her shoes and tried to put them on and said “BYE” and then just a little while ago she went over to the front door and said “More, Bye!” She is too smart. Yesterday we went out to the park with her and she just loved being in the swing. She also loved the ice cream we got afterwards.

Sometimes I just look at her in awe and wonder what shes going to be like as she grows up. She definitely knows what she wants and will do just about anything to get it. She loves to climb and play on the couch (and has only fallen off once!) I’m just so proud of her. Although some times she can drive me crazy I love watching her grow.

I love you little firecracker!

(busted face…. pretty sure she was trying to climb on this to get the door open)


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