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giggles and zebras

Let me just start off by saying I’m SO happy that the nasty cranky teething monster that replaced my daughter for a week seems to have disappeared (hopefully never to return!) Yesterday she woke up her happy self, giggling and carrying on in her room. She gave me a big squishy face smile when I went in to get her. She laughed all morning, sometimes for no reason. We played for a long while in the afternoon where we laughed so hard both of us could barely breathe. I totally just soaked in those sweet moments, knowing I would probably need them to get me through whatever meltdown she has next. Isn’t it funny how we kinda have a bank account… giggles and kisses fill it up, tantrums and attitudes empty it out. I’m usually pretty stable because they equal out most of the time (this past week was the exception). She woke up giggly today and we cuddled in bed for awhile, Those moments are precious and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

In other news, I FINALLY finished my sisters crib set. She wanted purple for her little girl, she was leaning towards butterflies, but I couldn’t find any butterfly fabric that I liked, so I told her she wanted zebra print instead. Way more chic anyway. I made zebra print bumpers, purple fitted sheet, purple dust ruffle and a zebra and purple comforter with a “B” for Bella. It was hard word, and frustrating at times. I broke like 3 needles on the comforter (I obviously wasn’t using the right ones) and I have a hard time cutting straight lines, even with all the right tools. I had to take the ruffles off the comforter and resize it cause the sides weren’t even, but I’m really happy with the end product, and I hope she is too. Now I’m just waiting for my little niece to get here, less than a month!!

I used Payton's crib to make sure it all fit!


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