happy birthday, to me.

growing up birthdays were always special. it was the one day of the year that we stopped being “the kids” and got to be special on our own. it was a day of being honored and praised. self consciousness was gone as i walked around wearing any variation of a tiara. i was the princess. i remember loving when my birthday would fall on a sunday or wednesday so i could spend it at church. when i started public school i was actually sad that my birthday fell on spring break cause i didn’t get to walk around and flaunt my birthday.

some birthdays are more memorable than others. i’m pretty sure my 15th birthday was one of the most notorious for a very specific reason….


For my sweet 16 my parents threw me a surprise party. For my 18th, everyone pretended to forget about my birthday, I got locked out of my house and felt neglected… until my family and friends surprised me with a “pimp my ride” style car makeover after a memorable outback dinner. I loved my smiley-mobile. Wish I could find a picture of it…

On my 19th birthday I was in San Francisco at the San Fran Battle Cry at SBC park working registration with one of the best bosses I’ve ever had (Love ya Mr G!)

My 20th I was sick as a dog but doing what I always wanted to, traveling and acting! It was actually in Nashville that I spent my birthday weekend.

My 20th year was a big year, I moved across the country and got married! I’m so thankful I didn’t hesitate to elope. Best decision ever.

My 21st was pretty great, my first birthday as a married woman! We went to outback with our extended “family”

My 22nd birthday we signed an offer on our house. things change a lot in a year.


Last year, 23, was so so different. Payton was itty bitty. my birthday snuck up in a whirlwind of diapers and midnight feedings. Last year was when i realized birthdays will never be the same. and i’m ok with that.

This morning started with cuddles and giggles, best presents ever. I can’t really think of a list of things I want more than that. I realize that my birthday is no longer about celebrating “me” but celebrating this life I am blessed to live. That includes my amazing and handsome hubby. my beautiful baby girl. all the extended friends and family I am so lucky to have.

So here is to an amazing 24th year!!!


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