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mama’s have “mondays” too

I think people have an over-idealized perception of the life of a stay at home mom. Most days, it is a dream job. I get to spend the day taking care of my precious baby and managing my household and I truly enjoy it.  But sometimes Monday sneaks up on me. This is especially true today.

the laundry is crying out to be done after a weekend of neglect.
the dishes in the sink aren’t going to wash themselves.
being that it is the end of the month, the budget/bill paying needs to be done.
my coffee has gotten cold twice before i’ve been able to drink it.
the fridge is overwhelmingly full of “expired” leftovers and is lacking anything of real value.
which means I need to do my meal planning and grocery shopping.
every time I go from room to room I trip over a baby and two dogs.
my history exam is due by tomorrow and I haven’t done half as much reading as I should have.

so, fellow mamas, know that you are not alone if you suffer from a case of the mondays.

even though those things can seem overwhelming or get on my nerves, I honestly don’t mind them.
having laundry means I have clothes to wear.
having a sink-full of dishes means I had food to eat.
having to pay bills means that i have money to pay them… i have electricity, a car to drive etc….
a cold cup of coffee (usually) means i’ve been distracted by playing with an adorable little girl
leftovers remind me of great dinners with my family
the opportunity to plan for meals means I don’t have to wonder where my next meal is coming from
tripping over baby and dogs usually means i’m loved and wanted
i’m blessed to be able to do school while being able to take care of my baby girl.

so every downside has an upside. you just have to find it.

Happy Monday!

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