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finding focus

am i the only one who struggles with time management? I usually start my day/week with a list of things I need or want to do.Of course there is the regular dishes, laundry and every day straightening (I’m always doing these). Then there are the more or less “weekly tasks” like cleaning the floors, changing the sheets,cleaning bathroom (REALLY cleaning the bathroom) meal planning, grocery shopping etc. And last but not least there is the “wish list” of tasks to get done like blogging (ha!), cleaning out closets, organizing drawers. On top of that there is school, working out, reading for pleasure (ya, right), plus any craft projects (I’m currently working on crocheting a large “throw/afghan” and trying to sew some pillow slipcovers and other things). I can’t seem to stay focused on one thing and found myself bouncing from project to project not really getting anything done. Before I know it, time has escaped my grasp and the day is over

My husband says I have ADD flairs (oooo look something shiny!). Anyway, I realized this was becoming a problem, especially during the day. I wind up wasting a lot of time by getting distracted and you can usually follow my trail of projects around the house…. a ball of yarn here, scraps of fabric there, pine-sol on the counter, computer with multiple tabs open…. So I decided to try something… Something simple…. Staying focused! I started yesterday with my morning cleaning routine. Instead of getting distracted with every little thought I kept a pen and post it out and wrote down what came to mind that I had to do and organized them into categories. I did all the dishes, got the laundry going and cleaned the floors all in one “sitting” instead of breaking it up over the day. I found that I felt a lot more accomplished, actually finished one of my baby blanket sewing projects, and started on my next crochet project.

So the moral of the story is, find your focus! find the plan that works for you! I plan on sticking to this plan as long as it works for me. Of course there will always be those little interruptions, but keeping your overall focus will help you be more productive with the time that you have.

What are some ways you help make the most of your time?

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