Family Life

Thanksgiving Recap

Wow, has it been a whole week already? I swear I meant to post about thanksgiving over the weekend but I got caught up in the hole that is black friday. We went out to walmart at midnight (baby in tow and all!) and oh my goodness it was a mad house. Payton and I just hid in the toy section while Chris braved the crowds to get us a $15 shop vac and a few $2 towels. I will say I think the entertainment value was greater than the savings. People were making caravans with their 3 carts full of stuff, most of it they probably didn’t even need! I’ve learned my lesson with those $3 mixers (after going through about 3 of them in a short period of time). I thought it was so entertaining that Erika and I decided to try our hand at old navy at 2:30am…. baaaaad idea. The line was literally wrapped all the way around the perimeter of the store. We made a quick exit from that one. The next morning around 8 or so I went to Kohl’s and Target (while everyone else slept) and I was sorely disappointed in Target’s “sales.” Ah well, it was fun anyway.

Now, back to thanksgiving day… well, I actually started preparing the day before. I spent my day making rolls, pies, and other goodies. Can I just say I LOVE to cook. and bake. It’s so much fun. So here are a few of my creations….

Baking "Texas Style" cornbread to make Chris' grandma's stuffing recipe
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
my hand kneaded homemade dough for rolls (before rising)
same dough, after rising
my beautiful rolls
Pumpkin pie!
Cranberry Cheesecake Pie
Homemade Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
caught in action!
our huge tree, i love it!
Payton's first thanksgiving, she loved it!

I was kinda disappointed that it went by so fast, especially after putting so much work into it. Sometimes I still find it hard to find a balance between the traditions I grew up with and the traditions Chris grew up with. I ended up not making the traditional Feldman corn casserole… but I couldn’t resist making what has been come to be called the “pickle things” (pickles, cream cheese and corned beef). To me, its not thanksgiving without them. I am really learning to be Thankful for all the traditions we have together, and for making new ones with Payton. She loved having family and friends over and enjoyed tasting all the great food. She especially loved Daddy’s smoked turkey. All that turkey got to her though, she took a 4 hour nap after we ate!

So there ya have it, our thanksgiving. What was yours like?


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