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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I love the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand for me… when you start preparing for one the other inevitably follows before you even have a chance to blink. I’ve been thinking about the holidays a little differently this time around. It’s crazy thinking about the traditions Chris and I both grew up with and trying to take some of those and add some of our own to make a healthy home for the holidays for our little one. I think this is one of those times when you really start to examine your actions and realize they have so much more weight to them when you’re setting an example for a little one. I know she won’t really remember this time around, but its important for us to get in the habit of thinking about it.

Last night we went and picked out a live tree. I grew up only having live trees, but Chris had never had one. Payton loved it. She was confused as to why the tree was in the car with us. When we brought it in the house she was so excited…. then we got the lights out and she could hardly contain herself. Squeals of excitement and “preeeeety” filled the room. I love that shes at the age where she can get excited, even if she doesn’t know exactly what it means.

The finished product. Excuse the poor quality, this is from my phone camera.
Payton with the tree

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I’m so excited! I love cooking. I’m going to make pumpkin pie, cranberry cheesecake pie, Ree’s Cornbread Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed potatoes, Gravy, Homemade Rolls and Chocolate covered pretzels! Whew. Chris is making the turkey and a brisket. He is a meat man for sure. He’s so much better at cooking meat than I am. I am so thankful for him… I’m so thankful for Payton… for both our families. Even though it’s so easy to get lost in the whirlwind that is the holidays, I try to make it a point to stop and give thanks to the one who gave it all to me. God is so good and He has blessed us beyond measure.

So, if I don’t write again before tomorrow… Happy Thanksgiving!! Remember to give thanks to the God who provides us with everything we need for life and Godliness through His son!


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