human connections



three years is a long time.
i can still remember that day so clearly.
it was a monday night, i had a plane ticket to go back to florida on tuesday.
i didn’t want to go back, i didn’t want to spend another day without him.
so i got online and found someone willing to marry us that night (thanks rex.)
we called and im’d a few of our friends asking them to be witnesses.
neither of us took it seriously, we said we would have a real wedding that weekend.
we never did.
i never regretted it.
we’ve been through some great times.
we’ve been through some hard times.
we’ve laughed.
we’ve cried.
we’ve laughed so much we cried…
(remember that time at mcdonalds?)
but we went through it all together, and came out stronger.
yes, we eloped.
no, we never looked back.
i’m so thankful for you, Chris Norman.
you’ve changed my life.
you make me a better person.
i’m looking forward to the rest of forever with you.
i love you.
happy anniversary.


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