Family Life, parenting

sick day

so yesterday afternoon i started to get a dry scratchy throat.
by the end of the night my throat felt swollen, i had a slight cough and a pounding headache.
when i woke up this morning my body was achy, still had the same closed-throat and pounding head.
i was going to call in sick… until i remembered moms don’t get sick days.
babys still need to be fed and diapers need changing.
school deadlines don’t change.
dishes don’t do themselves.
food doesn’t cook itself.
luckily my baby girl picked up on the fact i wasn’t feeling too hot and all she wanted to do this morning was cuddle….


(please excuse my messed up hair and no make up face, since i took a “sick day” we stayed in our pjs until after nap time)
and i realized that while i can’t call in sick, i don’t think i would want to. my days spent with this precious little girl are just priceless!

so heres hoping this pounding headache, sore throat and grogginess disappears sooner rather than later.


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