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i’m looking forward to…

this weekend has been so nice. i love spending time with my little family. I cherish our Saturday mornings. Payton still hasn’t gotten the memo that you are supposed to sleep in on the weekends, so we both get up around 7ish. We hang out downstairs and watch cartoons until around 830 or 9 and then go climb back in bed with daddy and the dogs and have family cuddle time. then we eventually get up and usually make a big breakfast. this weekend chris worked hard on caulking and painting our new crown molding and it looks stellar. while we had a blast just hanging out this weekend there are so many things i’m looking forward to in the next few weeks…

1) friday is chris’ birthday! he’s going to be 25. you know what that means? discount on insurance! heck yea.

2) the official start of fall. hopefully the temps will drop so it actually starts to feel like fall. i’m feeling lots of hot apple cider, leaves changing, scarves and sweaters and all the cuddles i can handle!

3) a week from friday chris and i will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary. really? has it only been 3 years? how is it that it feels like forever and yet i can still remember it like yesterday. man, we have both learned so much. and grown so much. i laugh when i look at our “wedding” pictures. we were such babies. take a look….



wow. we look like we were dressed for a funeral. i’m thinking maybe we should have some real wedding pictures taken some day. i have a dress i never wore… hmmm…

so there you have it, an extended version of “what’s on my mind” right now. sorry its not that deep and contemplative… i’m saving that for another day.

how did you spend your weekend? and what are you looking forward to?


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