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7 months!

Today my baby is 7 months old. When did time start going so fast? It seems like just yesterday she was a little 7 pound bundle of joy. Now she is a big nearly 20 pound bundle of ever-changing emotions. She has such a complex personality already. Her emotions are typically female, happy and giggly one second and frustrated the next. She loves sitting on the floor playing with her toys. She is close to crawling, at least I think so. She scoots herself backwards, but hasn’t figured out forward motion just yet. I’m thankful for the last few minutes of calm before the storm, because I know once she starts moving she won’t stop! Enjoy a few snapshots from the past few weeks…

This is her playing with a toy that I used to play with as a baby!
She loves bubbles! The cutest bubble mohawk
Shes got some strong legs!

1 thought on “7 months!”

  1. Ohhh Courtney!! She is so cute… a miniture Chris for sure! We do need to do lunch some time. I need to see Payton again, before she is 18… or just before she starts to crawl! 😉


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