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My First Fitness Love + Chia Seed Pudding

Dear Running,

I wanted to write and say I have missed spending hours and hours with you, but the truth is I don’t. You were my first fitness love. I’ll always have a spot in my heart for you and I’m certain the challenge you bring me will always taunt me. I’m not exactly giving up on “us” but I need something you’re not exactly giving me… muscle. See, we were exclusive for 2 years, and they were two great years. I got faster, found courage and drive I didn’t know I had, and attempted things I never thought I could do. We have spent many hours together through blood, sweat and tears… But after just a few months of seeing my new love I have seen more progress than I did in the two years we were together. I’ll still spend some time with you, just not as much as it once was. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about my promise to revenge my Disney DNF, and for that I’ll need your help. But until then, I think we should see other people…

CrossFit Obsessed

I was inspired to write that letter this morning as I finally dusted off my Garmin, went for a run and actually uploaded my run data from the month….

That is less than 8 miles for the whole month. That doesn’t count the short runs we do at CrossFit… but for someone who ran at least 10 miles a week for a long time, this is crazy talk for me! The truth is, I honestly have noticed more changes in my body in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years! Lifting weights works! CrossFit Works! I’m living proof.

Back when I was running all the time I read about Chia Seeds. They were supposedly a running superfood. I bought a bag and it has been sitting in my pantry for awhile. Turns out its not just for runners, who knew right? (sarcasm)  Chia seeds are great for their fiber, Omega Fatty Acids, Calcium, Antioxidants and Protein! They help you feel fuller longer, which also helps with weight loss.

I knew that after soaking in liquid it turned into a gel of sorts, and I heard about people turning it into pudding. This idea isn’t a shockingly new one, but I decided to amp up the protein and flavor with some protein powder! Here are the measurements I used:

Chia Pudding Recipe

I used 1stPhorm Coconut Chocolate protein powder. A little bit of tropical and a whole lot of yummy. Perfect afternoon snack!

Have you ever “broke up” with a hobby/fitness first love? How did you move on?


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inferiority complex

I haven’t talked much about it on the blog, but I am in school to get a BA in Psychology. One of the classes I’m taking right now is Theories of Personality and it just so happens that during this week’s reading I read about Adler’s Inferiority Complex. It began with his studies on Organ Inferiority. The theory was that certain organs that may have problems they have to work to overcome actually end up being stronger than those that hadn’t had issues. He translated this idea to psychology as well, basically saying we all experience feelings of inferiority as children. Some people, he theorized, feel so inferior in certain areas they work so hard on that particular thing that it eventually becomes a strength.

So basically by feeling inferior we motivate ourselves to make our biggest weakness into our biggest strength.

This rings so true to me where I am right now in my life and journey. For so long I’ve been great at almost everything I have set my mind to. I got good grades in high school, always advanced quickly in the workplace, had great relationships with people… but the one thing I couldn’t conquer was my fitness. I knew that I would have to work harder on this major weakness than I did on any of my other natural strength. I may have been blessed with a sharp mind but a strong body has been harder to come by. I can’t count the number of times I have felt inferior because of my body or fitness level.

That time when I couldn’t try on all the cute prom dresses because they didn’t come in my size. That time the appliance delivery man asked when I was due (oh ya, that was just a few months ago). That time I couldn’t go on the hiking trip because I couldn’t run the mile fast enough. That time I couldn’t pass the Physical Fitness Test in ROTC. All those times, painful as they were, led to me being motivated enough to focus on my weakness and turn it into a strength. I will be a “normal” size. I will hike pike’s peak. I will be able to perform all aspects of the PFT. I will punch the delivery guy in the face… oops, got carried away with that one… (poor guy actually felt worse than I did for the record).

While fitness as a whole is the main “inferiority” that I am overcoming I have found that I have several smaller areas within the fitness realm that I am trying to focus on improving.

One is box jumps. Uhm, hello biggest fear. It’s so stupid.

Today at CrossFit the WOD included a bunch of box jumps. The smallest box they have is 18″. That is like above my knee! (What? I’m short!) I have this fear of wiping out, missing the box, or a mixture of both. Like, I haven’t even been able to work up the courage to actually try it. I got so mad at myself for it today. I ended up doing step ups instead of jumps during the WOD, and stayed after for awhile trying to get myself to do it but I couldn’t.

As I drove home I promised myself I would do whatever it took to conquer that fear and turn that weakness into a strength.

And I will. Watch me.

 What is something that you consider a weakness that you want to turn into a strength?


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60 Day Fat Loss Challenge Check In: Week 7

At last week’s check in I talked about cheat days. I tried this week to keep my “cheats” to a minimum and stuck to small treats here and there as opposed to a whole day or meal off. I also started writing down when and what I eat to track my intake better. I’m not exactly counting calories, just trying to see if there is a pattern to my hunger and eating habits. It seems to be working pretty well. I also get some mental help from it, like I know if I eat this I’ll have to write it down. That gauges how bad I really want it. Besides messing up my alarm for Monday’s workout, I felt like I had a pretty good week! We are getting close to wrapping up this challenge officially… August 1 is the day we go back for our follow up DXA scans. I’m anxious to see the results on paper!

Friday July 13

Basement WOD
3 rounds
Jog 10 seconds
10 Burpees
10 Reverse Crunches
10 Box Jumps (8 in)

30 minutes Practice Double Unders

Saturday July 14

Sunday July 15

Does watching the CrossFit Games count as exercise? Cause That is pretty much all I did all weekend.

Monday July 16

6 mile bike
100 Sit ups
40 Squats
10 Push Ups
Random Strength

I messed up my alarm and missed CrossFit so I hit up the gym on Monday night to get some kind of work out in. I used my GNC ProSculpt pre-workout… love that stuff!

Also, I’m loving the Expresso bike they have at the gym. It’s like a video game that is also a workout! 

Tuesday July 17

Pre WOD- Clean & Jerk 2×5 increasing weights (got to 65#)

1000 meter row
50 Power Clean (55#)
30 Burpees

I had pieces of the floor stuck all over my legs from burpees. i hate burpees. that is all.  (am I wearing the same shirt as I was in monday nights workout… maybe…)

Wednesday July 18

Pre WOD: Find 1RM Front Squat. I got up to 105#!!

WOD: 15 Min AMRAP (I got 9 rounds in)
5 Thrusters
10 HR push ups
15 Squat Jumps

I was so excited to get up to 105 on the front squat. I totally attribute it to my awesome Rogue Fitness wrist wraps. Just sayin.

Thursday July 19

1.25 mile run with intervals

I have been using Blox Silk Amino Acid during workouts and for Recovery, I love it! It’s watermelon flavored and delicious also.

The Results

Starting Weight: 210 (on home scale)
Week 1: 205.4
Week 2: 205
Week 3: 204.2
Week 4: 204.8
Week 5: 201.8
Week 6: 201.6
Week 7: 200.2

SO CLOSE to being out of the 200’s. If I don’t get it this week I may slam my head against a wall.

What are some of your favorite pre/post workout eats or supplements? 


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The Power of Community

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who was so supportive about yesterday’s exciting announcement. If you haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for? Pre-orders are happening fast, make sure you order yours before the sizes/styles you want sell out! (tip: follow @WODink on twitter for discount codes and giveaways!)

That really leads into what is really on my mind today: the power of community.

It is really a spectacular thing. The idea isn’t anything new to me. It’s something I’ve known for awhile, but if I’m totally honest, finding community has been hard for me.

5 years ago when we eloped I left everything I knew and moved across the country. My community became my husband. Slowly I began to acclimate into his group of friends, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. After a few years I started to feel like I found community in our church. One thing led to another and we ended up leaving the church, and with it a lot of our close relationships. We found another church and poured ourselves into it and when the church ended up closing its doors, a lot of people left the area. Once again we were left without community. Don’t get me wrong- we have a handful of friends that have stayed in our close inner circle, and I am so grateful for them (although I did tweet today about how none of them are female… and sometimes I get tired of their man talk… I mean, you can only listen to them argue about if Maggie Gyllenhaal or Jennifer Goodwin is hotter for so long! For the record, I think Jennifer Goodwin wins)

Anyway… One of the reasons I started this blog is for the community. I’ve been blogging for over 2.5 years now and I’m just starting to scratch the surface of the community. In the past few months I have connected with Healthy Living Blog Communities like FitFluential, Healthy Living Blogs and FitApproach. The amount of encouragement and support I’ve received from them has been astounding. I have been reading blogs religiously for the past 2 years and just in the last few months have I begun to actually comment and interact with other bloggers. That makes all the difference! It is like being a spectator vs playing in a game.

Even though it has only been 6 weeks since my first CrossFit experience, I can’t tell you enough good things about the culture of the community. Not only are the people at my CrossFit Box (CrossFit O’Fallon!) awesome… but the community as a whole is fantastic. The CrossFit games really confirmed that for me. These elite athletes were competing against each other, but at the end of every workout those who finished first would catch their breath and then go encourage and coach those who were still working! Having found myself being one of the last few to finish a workout, I am thankful for those who encourage me to push myself further than I thought I could go.

Pic Source: Ashley from wrote an awesome post about this

I thought I couldn’t be any more in love with the culture and community of CrossFit, but I was wrong. I emailed Meg from the Facebook page Women of CrossFit = Strong with a 6 week update picture and a little bit of my story. She posted it on her page and 520 likes, 71 comments and a handful of emails later and my heart is so full from the encouragement and support poured out. If you are one of the awesome people visiting from that link, Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I was going to wait until my next fat loss check in to post this, but after today I have to share.

before and after, crossfit results

This is a loss of about 12ish pounds and definite gains in muscle, strength and confidence. I love CrossFit because when you go in and complete the WOD (workout of the day), even if you have to scale it down to fit your fitness level, you get a huge sense of accomplishment. It really makes me feel like I can tackle so much more in the world outside of CrossFit.

I know this is a long post, but it really means a lot to me. To those who have inspired me, thank you. To those who are inspired by me, I’m humbled. This is a journey, i’m certainly not where I want to be but I’m proud of where I’ve come from.

Where do you find your community?

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