Manitoba HempPro 70 Protein Review

No matter what kind of nutrition idea you subscribe to getting adequate protein is always going to be important. Protein is essential to good health! Most people struggle to get enough protein through whole foods so you will see a lot of people supplementing with protein powders. Not all protein powders are created equal. I know it can be overwhelming to think about. There are so many varieties of protein… Whey, Isolate, Soy, Pea, and the list goes on and on.

When I’m looking for protein I want to know I am putting the best possible nutrients into my body. I was given the opportunity to try out Manitoba Harvest’s new HempPro 70 protein powder through my partnership as a SweatPink ambassador. I got to try both the chocolate and the vanilla. It is a plant-based protein, which is especially good for people who prefer to avoid dairy. It is the only water soluble hemp protein powder on the market, which makes it convenient on the go, no need to blend in a blender… unless of course you want to make a smoothie… which is exactly what I did!


I mixed 8oz of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, 1 TBS of PB2, 1 Serving of HempPro 70, and a handful of Enjoy Life mini chips in my Ninja blender with some ice and had a chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie. It was delicious and full of filling protein and healthy omegas.

I just mixed the vanilla in with my almond milk and a blender cup and it was an easy on the go snack. I would say I preferred the chocolate over the vanilla, although both were good!

It is nice to know if I need a boost of protein I can get it without having to think about scarfing a chicken breast down!

What do you do to get extra protein?
Are you a chocolate or vanilla person?




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