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What Are The Best Shoes For CrossFit?

The Following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

For as long as I’ve been in CrossFit there has been a lot of talk about what shoes are the best. I have used several different types of shoes myself, as well as seeing a lot of my clients use different shoes as well. When I started CrossFit the shoes I used were large and clunky running shoes with a huge heel drop. As a newer CrossFitter you might not realize the difference your shoes make since you are probably thinking more about the movement and trying to catch your breath. As you start to get more familiar with movements you are going to notice it becomes more difficult to get into the proper position for movements.

After a few months I got my first pair of Reebok Nanos, back then they were the 2.0. The difference I felt between my cushy running shoes and Reebok Nano was significant! Since that first pair I have gone through more than my fair share of different Nanos. I’ve always loved the 2.0 for the wide toe box and breathability. Then they came out with the 3.0, which was a big change with the added duracage. It was missing the wider toe box I was accustomed to and the new stability of the duragage, which I loved for running, inhibited the breathability of the shoe and made it quite a bit heavier.

Enter the Reebok Nano 4.0


Reebok has been amazing about creating quality CrossFit shoes as well as listening to the feedback of the athletes to help perfect the design even more.

The Reebok Nano 4.0 takes my favorite things about the 2.0 and 3.0 and combines them into one awesome shoe.


One of the best things about the Nano 4.0 is the 4mm heel drop, which allows your heels to stay connected to the ground during your lifts. A stable platform is important in a shoe when you are lifting weights! With those big cushy running shoes every time to press your heels into the ground you roll forward on to your toes, making it hard to connect with the ground and get the power you need for those big lifts. Reebok also changed the mesh under the duracage making it far more breathable. It also has the RopePro protection on the inside of the foot to help with support on those Rope Climbs!


Every one asks us Coaches what gear they need to start CrossFit and I always tell them before you get caught up in all the accessories it is most important to invest in a good solid shoe, and the Reebok Nano 4.0 is just that.

Plus, The Champ uses them too…

And any chance I get to be like Rich, I’ll take.

What Shoes do you use for CrossFit?


3 thoughts on “What Are The Best Shoes For CrossFit?”

  1. Right now I’m recovering from aggravating my back / messing up my knee but totally agree that having the right shoe makes all the difference. When I started I was having terrible pain in my big toes after a few weeks…switching to a pair of new balance minimus (one of the few that come in wide) made the the pain go away.


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