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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: 2 Weeks Out


Holy Cow. Today marks just 2 weeks out from my Skin Removal Abdominoplasty. It seems like I just made the decision to have the procedure done, and now we are just 14 days out. I had my Pre-Op appointment last week. I sat in a room and went through a huge book with the nurse and had to initial and sign every page. Basically going through pre-op instructions, what the surgery will consist of, before pictures, after care, follow up, and of course all the possible risks. It is a major surgery so they make sure to cover their ground when it comes to every detail. I also had to pay the remainder of my surgeons fee… ouch. I will still have to pay the surgery center and anesthesiologist separately on surgery day.

I want to make it very clear that this is NOT a weight loss surgery. When it comes to weight loss I did it all the old fashioned way – hard work. I once weighed upwards of 250lbs. I carried the vast majority of that weight in my midsection. Add in pregnancy and my skin just lost it’s elasticity. I’m also left with what is called a Pannus… the hanging apron of skin on my lower abdomen. I also have separation of the abdominal muscles due to being overweight for a long time and from pregnancy. This surgery is to remove the hanging pannus and repair the abdominal muscles. I don’t think you should consider this surgery until you’ve been your happy weight or size for awhile. For me this past year has been a struggle as I have been working so hard and not seeing the kind of results I should because of this skin. I’m happy with the size I am, I just want to see that flat tummy I’ve worked so hard for.

Not everyone who loses a significant amount of weight has to have this type of surgery. It is a major surgery with a long recovery time and real risks. I know lots of people who have lost far more weight than I have that choose not to have this surgery. Just like everyone’s journey of how they lost the weight is different, how people deal with excess skin is going to be different. It may not bother some people like it bothered me. Some people may see it as a badge of honor or reminder of how far they’ve come. For me it was a difficult mental struggle to look in the mirror and know that I would never look like what I imagined I would when I started losing weight. It was a reminder of how far gone I was. I want to leave that old girl behind me. Yes, I love how far I’ve come. And no, I don’t want to forget what it was like to be that big… but I don’t need this flap as a reminder of that every time I look in the mirror… or jump… or run.

I know I was trying to push for more weight loss before this surgery but I started to become a bit of a headcase. I’m still eating healthy but not wallowing in guilt when I eat off the meal plan for a night. I don’t want to obsess over food or the scale. I want to live a balanced life. I didn’t want to feel like I was on yet another crash diet leading up to this surgery. I’m still working out a lot, mostly because I realized that I have just 7 more workout days left before surgery (we will be out of town for a few days this week). I am going to miss that the most. I’ll probably be out for 6-8 weeks as long as everything goes well with recovery.

Overall, my mind is in a good place. I’m at peace and excited, a little nervous too. Mostly nervous for the unexpected. I trust my doctor and I trust my body. I’m really excited for what this next chapter brings. I plan on sharing all about the experience and I’m open to answering any questions you might have about it all. Feel free to leave me a comment or email me in the contact section.




6 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: 2 Weeks Out”

  1. It definitely comes round faster than you think, it did with me too. I had a tummy tuck and breast uplift after losing ~120 lbs – Im just over 4 months post op currently and extremely happy with my results. I would do it over and over again!

    Good Luck, although, I’m sure it wont be needed. Can’t wait to see your results x


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