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Coffee Date

oh hey friends. happy weekend!! I am so so so so glad it is the weekend. I love the weekends, even more now that I’m done with school! I know I missed Friday coffee date, but we can still have a Saturday coffee date, right?


If we were having coffee I would tell you how nice it is to breathe through my nose. I seriously had congestion for like 2 weeks. I used a neti pot daily and I just couldn’t believe the amount of crap that came out. And I still felt stuffed up after! It really affected me in the CrossFit Open 14.1 WOD (I should really write a whole other post about the CrossFit open… but I can’t make any promises) Anyway, a lot of the congestion has cleared up and I feel SO much better.

If we were having coffee I would tell you how funny it is now that I am done with school I feel like I should have a ton of extra time and be super motivated to finish projects and stuff… but now that I have “nothing” that I have to do most of the weekend I feel like doing nothing. I’ve spent more time watching TV and reading than doing any of the things I wanted to do after I finished school. Like updating this blog more often. I sit down to write and usually get distracted and think a nap sounds better. I did get a lot done last week with decluttering and want to continue the trend, but some of the projects seem so overwhelming… like the office closet. or the basement. I also have tons of stuff I need to sell (gotta make some money to pay for that skin removal!) but just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures and posting them in resale groups. I will say that my house is FAR FAR FAR cleaner than it has been for the last several months. That counts for something, right?

If we were having coffee I would tell you how incredibly frustrated I am with my body. Not in a body image kind of way, but in a why the heck don’t you work like a normal body should work kind of way. You see for like 3 months I was sitting around 183lbs. I was gaining muscle and losing fat… at a slow rate, but still making progress. Then January came and we spent a few weeks in the craze of moving buildings with CrossFit and then went on a cruise and with taking just 1 week off of workouts and 3 weeks off a strict meal plan I gained about 8-10lbs. I lost a few pounds after getting back to regular workouts and meal plans but I have been stuck at 189ish for several weeks now. I’m pushing hard in the gym and eating on plan 95% of the time. and nothing. my jeans are still tight. I had a few tests done last week for hormone imbalances and should get the results next week sometime. I’m hoping something comes up that makes sense, because I’m going to drive myself crazy working so hard and not seeing results. It’s not just the scale… I can tell my body isn’t where it was, my clothes are tighter. My skin removal surgery is scheduled for August 11th and I’d like to be comfortably in the 170’s by then. I plan on getting my Mirena IUD out next month, hoping that helps balance some things out. If this isn’t what is wrong I don’t know where else to look. It is so frustrating feeling like my body is working against me. I hope we can get it all figured out soon, or I may have to go to the looney bin.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Date”

  1. Girlfriend, after everything you’ve been up to, you deserve a bunch of days (weeks!?) of doing whatever it is that you want and hanging out watching a bit of TV and reading (non-textbook-books) sounds pretty nice! Enjoy it because I’m sure you’ll find the time and energy resources to do the projects you have planned and lined up, etc.

    I know it’s not on the same scale, but I was having body frustrations this week as well – as in the “why won’t you work like before I had a baby” kind of way. I went back to a sports team and my mind was telling my body to do things it used to do and my body was just not having it. I actually even fell on the field because my mind said stop but gravity said, hey what’s up. :s

    Hope you get some answers from your test results and that you start seeing more regular results from all your hard work!


  2. If we were having coffee, I would remind you I am glad your body isn’t like everyone else’s because your blog has grown on me and I like you for you! You will get to where you need to go 🙂


  3. Just found your blog through your Whole30 posts (my family is starting tomorrow). In looking back through your posts, I realized you’re in St Louis and so am I! Fun to see pictures from the Go Half last spring – I ran it too!

    Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow STL person!! I have loved reading about your journey!


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