QALO Rings #commitmentiscontagious

I was browsing around facebook (probably when I was supposed to be doing something important…but I digress) and I came across a link to QALO Ring website. I watched this video and was immediately interested in the concept.

You see, the hubs and I are always at CrossFit. When it comes to doing CrossFit, wearing wedding rings isn’t the best idea. They can get damaged on the barbell or pull up bar or worse… your ring could get stuck on the bar and possibly hurt you. Plus it’s irritating. At least it was for me. Not to mention the hubs and I have both lost a significant amount of weight and our rings are both too big. And since we don’t wear them often we didn’t want to spend a bunch of money to replace them.

The guys at QALO offered to send us some to try out. I recommend measuring your fingers to make sure you get the right size. I thought I would be a small but I ended up being a medium.


The rings are a pliable silicone material. They are comfortable on, I hardly noticed it. The mens bands are a bit thicker than the ladies bands. I found when I was lifting they didn’t dig into my skin like my regular rings did. I like that you can wear them for every day wear and not have to change it out when you get to the gym. Not to mention they are not nearly as pricey as regular bands! Women’s single bands are $15.99 and Mens are $19.99. You can also get a foundation set which includes one of each of the currently available colors


The hubs liked his too, the only thing he noticed was it did start to slip off a bit when he was doing pull ups. I didn’t notice that too much with mine. Could be a fit issue. These rings would also be great for people who work with their hands a lot like construction, landscaping, or other hands on jobs.


Overall I really like QALO rings and what they stand for. Being active is now a huge part of our relationship and now we can express our commitment to each other while still maintaining our commitment to fitness. Commitment is Contagious!

Do you wear jewelry when you work out?



4 thoughts on “QALO Rings #commitmentiscontagious”

  1. My husband and I got the camo rings and wear them all the time. He is a truck driver and I do yard work and maintenance for my mom, so we both are comfortable knowing we do not have to worry about our fingers or rings. Even with my bad arthritis I can wear it…….


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