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Do What Works for You!

Happy Halloween! We still have classes at CrossFit 70 today and, of course, Payt had to wear her costume. She is Sofia the First. Check her out getting her lift on, haha.


Anyway, I’ve been thinking about food a lot lately. Mainly, my relationship with food. I feel like a lot of time people are so quick to label themselves something “Vegetarian/Paleo/Gluten Free” or whatever. Once you have that label, especially on social media or in blogging, you are scrutinized if you don’t meet other people’s expecations of what that label should look like. For awhile I was pretty strict Paleo. In the beginning of my CrossFit journey it worked well. I was so new to everything I was dropping fat fast and increasing my strength just as fast. After a few months I hit a wall with both fat loss and strength gain. When I was eating strict Paleo I let myself have far too many “Paleo” treats, which took a toll on my fat loss. While those brownies, cookies, and muffins were Paleo they were also made with coconut and almond flour which is very calorie dense. While many Paleo supporters will tell you that calories don’t matter, when you’re talking weight loss they do. I was so immersed in the crossfit/paleo online world that I felt like that is what I had to do to be a good CrossFitter… and to be a good CrossFit blogger.


That is where I started to get confused. I didn’t know what worked for me. I wanted what worked for everyone else to work for me. It was like I wanted to sit at the cool kids lunch table. But the truth was it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t losing fat and I wasn’t having huge strength gains. Sure, I’d set new PRs here and there… but those were more technique gains than pure strength gains. I figured if I wasn’t going to gain strength I was going to drop weight. That’s when I decided to do the Whole30. While I did see some major visible changes, I hate to admit that the Whole30 left me feeling even more confused about my relationship with food. Instead of being fuel or nutrition, foods became either “good” or “bad”. I had a huge issue with balance and struggled with an unhealthy level of guilt. I was confused.

Then I hired an amazing nutrition coach (Check out Precision Fitness STL!) He helped me see food as fuel. I began following a Carb Cycling/Macro approach. I eat 5-6 meals a day with a certain amount of calories coming from Protein/Fat/Carbs. I’ve tried several different Macro breakdowns and have seen some pretty awesome progress both in the way my body looks and in my workouts. I’ve been able to cut fat and gain strength at the same time. It is going slow for me, but slow progress is still progress. In the first few months I felt “guilty” for doing anything off plan, but now I’ve come to be ok with balance. I usually have one night a week we go out and get something off plan. I enjoy it and get back on plan the next day. I feel like I’ve been able to find what works for me. I don’t struggle with guilt like I used to, I’m seeing changes in my body, and my workouts feel good. The great thing about working with a nutrition coach is that if something feels off I can let him know and we can change it up.

So, am I telling you that what works for me is going to work for you? Nope. I’m saying quit trying to be like everyone else and find out what works for you. You also have to know what your goals are. If you are trying to gain strength you’re going to have to eat to gain strength. If you are trying to lose weight you have to eat to lose weight. If you want to do both you’re going to have to be hella patient and I would recommend seeking professional help, lol. The takeway from this is figure out what you want, what works for you to get you there, and do it.

What works for you? What hasn’t worked for you?



7 thoughts on “Do What Works for You!”

  1. Soo much agree about the Whole30. It’s great and wonderful and I think everyone should experience it to really “know” what it can feel like to be devoid of all the processed garbage.
    But it also left me with unhealthy thoughts that I never had before that!

    I was thinking about this today, too, on doing what works for YOU. I’m on the eat to perform forum and was writing on there concerned about eating carbs during the day (most people just load before and after workouts), and they somewhat scoffed at my stats and wondered why in the world that was even a concern for me. And it shouldn’t be.. different goals require different ways of eating.
    I want to get big and strong and who cares if that means eating more carbs in the day! AND.. it’s been nice lately to guiltlessly enjoy pumpkin pie.. and even some candy this week.. never was even big on candy before, but I’m eating it cause I can, darnit.

    Anyway, you work your butt off between work and the box and handling a household, blogging and eating right and working out, geez.. do what feels freaking best for you! Enjoy the treats and keep at it, lady. You’re in so much of a better place now than you were a year ago, heck, six months ago, so I have total confidence that you’ll continue to reach your goals!


  2. Girl, I have tried SO many things now too lol I was just talking to Josh about this today. “Clean” eating (which let’s be real has so many definitions depending who you talk to) I did the veggie thing a long time ago, tried to just be strict lean eating, now I do the “If it fits your macros” Mainly still eat lean, but if I want to indulge I will. I just make sure I can make it work in my macros. Life has been so much easier. My macro counts now include fiber. I have seen more changes and been more satisfied. It works for me and that is all that matters! Love this post!!!!


  3. Love this!
    One way of eating may be perfect for someone, and then not work at all for someone else. I’m currently on a strict meal plan from a dietician for the rest of the pregnancy that dictates how many carb grams I get per meal and how much insulin to give myself. It sucks, but I’m having a much healthier pregnancy than ever before and don’t feel as sluggish as I was feeling.


  4. I need to find wt works for me again… The one time I was successful at losing weight, it was calorie counting and trying to get my macros to 40/30/30. Maybe i should try that again!?


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