Coffee Date

Coffee Date: Time of Your Life

Hey there, Happy Friday!! I’m SO ready for the weekend. I bet I say that every week. But this week seemed so long! I guess they all do really. Are you ready for our coffee date? I totally am.


This week I got a surprise package in the mail from Tim Horton’s – They are a Coffee place in the great white North. I’ve been there several times when traveling and LOVED it. I didn’t think we could get Tim Horton’s here… but they actually just released their line of K-cups and were gracious enough to send me some to test out. They are so good!! They also sent a cute robe and blanket so I can enjoy my #timsathome !! Love It.


If we were having coffee today I would tell you I have been thinking a lot about the past, about high school. What spurred that? I was listening to my favorite playlists on spotify including 80’s Smash Hits and VH1 Top 90’s Songs and Time of your Life from Green Day came on. That was like THE graduation song. I’m not sure if it still is, but it always reminds me of the cheesy slideshows you’d watch at Senior Breakfast and stuff. Anyway, that got me to thinking about where I was back then and where I am now and what I would change. Obviously I know my life turned out the way it was supposed to but there are SO many things I would change if I could back.

I would tell you that I really wish I would have started eating healthy and working out in high school. I would laugh as I told you about the time I went to a Softball Conditioning practice… just one… and ran MAYBE a mile and thought I was dying and never went back. I wish I would have stuck with it. Or gone out for shotput or discus when the FCA Coach asked me to. Heck, I would even say I would have been ok joining the wrestling team like my biology teacher asked me to. Ok, that may be a lie. He was creepy and probably just wanted to see me in spandex….

Me Reporting in for NJROTC Drill Meet
Me Reporting in for NJROTC Drill Meet

Anyway- I would say I really mostly wish I just had been more open to other opportunities. I did NJROTC. and I did it well. but I was SO closed minded about other things. I guess it is good that I was committed to the program I was in whole heartedly. It shows I am loyal, but almost to the point of being a fault. I really got into my own little clique and didn’t go out of my way to get to know some of the people I really wanted to be friends with. Of course, there is high school awkwardness that plays a part there. But still, I wonder how many really good friends I missed out on because I was so consumed with my little group.


I really had a blast in high school. It was 4 years of my life I really enjoyed. I just see now how much more well developed I could be if I had “known better” – Hindsight is 20/20 right?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that thinking about the past like that made me really think about the present too. I started to look at my friendships and relationships and priorities. I don’t want to be looking back on my 20’s in a few years and wish I had done things differently. I am trying to invest in good relationships, pursue my passions, and really enjoy the moments.

All that just from hearing a song. Oh Life, how funny you are in the way you like to teach your lessons.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?
Did you like high school? Wish you would have done it different? Are you living in the now?


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