Weekend Adventures – In the Moment

This weekend was just what I needed. After Friday’s post about finding the balance I decided to work on living in the now. We went out to a birthday BBQ with some of our lovely box members. I love those guys! The community of CrossFit is just amazing. We all joked about how we barely recognized each other in “normal” clothes. I knew I had an upcoming “refeed” meal planned for Saturday so I wanted to stick to my meal plan on friday night. So, I packed my own food. Since I pack my own food so much now I bought a cute container to carry it in.


It was fun just hanging out and being in the now, especially with all the kiddos! and yes… this happened…


She’s terrified to ride on her own tiny 4 wheeler but she will ride the big one as long as a big strong boy is driving it? WHAT? These two are just too cute together. Dangerous!

Saturday included an awesome morning of workouts. I felt really good about my Overhead squat and didn’t actually hate doing burpees (Shhh don’t tell!) I spent the afternoon working on some school work and cleaning my house. There is just something about a clean house that makes my soul a little more calm. Then I went out for my first “refeed” or cheat meal in over a month. I’ve had cheats and treats, tastes of things here and there, but not a full meal off plan. We went out to Fiesta Mexican and I enjoyed a little too much chips and salsa, the best texmex taco & enchilada you can get in Missouri, and a little fried ice cream. I felt satisfied, not too full. I also knew I’d probably feel bloated Sunday morning…. dang that sodium.

We slept in Sunday. By slept in I mean like 7:30. ha. I spent the morning making a meal plan and grocery list. Since we had nothing planned I decided to take Payton to Target to pick out a treat. We are trying to reward her more often since she has been putting up with a lot of time at the CrossFit box. She’s a trooper. Also, she had to wear pearls. Because she’s that classy.


We went to Target, Sam’s Club, and Dierburgs… all to get everything for meals for the week. I try to plan crock pot meals for the hubs and kiddo at the beginning of the week since that’s our busiest time. Then easy dinners for them the rest of the week. I also cook most of my proteins, mash sweet potatoes. and boil eggs for the week. I like to have everything pre cooked so I can just reheat and go.

It was overall a fun and relaxing weekend. When I have my house clean and meals prepped I feel ready to take on the week ahead. It worked out for me this morning, despite a late start to the day. This was just the weekend I needed for sure.

How was your weekend? What would be your perfect weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures – In the Moment”

  1. We took a long extended weekend which was pretty fab. We got nothing accomplished, and will scramble this week to get things done, but I’m good with that 🙂 We floated in the hotel pool, saw friends, went shopping. Thats a perfect weekend to me 🙂


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