Coffee Date

Coffee Date: Living in the Now

Hey there friends. Sorry this is late, life is just crazy lately. Fridays are usually my long mornings at the box so it makes the rest of the day even longer. Even though it’s late we can still have our coffee date, can’t we?


If we were having coffee i would be drinking my new favorite thing: Iced Protein Chai! I just brewed up a bag of plain chai tea, added a scoop of Ripped Cream Protein Creamer, a splash of coconut creamer, and a few drops of stevia and served over ice. In a mason jar, because that’s how I roll.

After we got our drinks and sat down I would probably tell you how good it feels to sit down for just a minute and breathe. It may take me awhile to collect my thoughts as I’ve been far too scatterbrained lately. I feel as though I think in half thoughts sometimes, one thought interrupting the next before I can finish them. I would tell you that I’m far too focused on what’s next and I feel like sometimes I miss things because of it. I would tell you how much I’ve been struggling with living in the now.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I’ve always been a big dreamer. It’s a blessing and curse sometimes. Those big dreams all too often seem so far off, like I’ll always be working towards it. I would tell you that I want to learn to be better at living in the now. I’m guilty of wishing away my weekdays waiting for the weekend… or wishing away my months waiting for a vacation (is it January yet?!) thinking that somehow that one day or week is going to be “it” … you know, that “it” we are constantly looking for. It’s the same way with this weight loss and fitness journey. Sure, I appreciate where I’ve come from. But that Size 12 or even this ever illusive 175 i’ve been chasing won’t be that “it” moment. It really is about the journey, and I want to enjoy every step.

It’s a balance though. A thin line separates being content from being complacent. I’ll always want to be better. To go to the next level in life, fitness, and business. That’s just who I am. I just need to learn to find a little more balance in enjoying and living life in the now. We can’t get these moments back.

If we were having coffee what would you be drinking?
And what would you tell me?

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Living in the Now”

  1. I’d tell you to live NOW – enjoy all that we have and all you’re doing!! You are ROCKING things lately and that’s all that matters! Time is short – love it! PS I’d be drinking water — or maybe an iced coffee from DD – I’m still learning this coffee thing 😉


  2. I would be drinking black ice coffee (dunkin’ donuts) straight out of the Keurig with a squirt of agave syrup. I would tell you that you’re right. It is about the journey and not the end. Also that I love you are a self-identified “paleo-ish” eater. I would also ask how the heck you get the link up links onto your posts because I am blog dumb still and can’t figure it out!


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