Weekend Recap

Sometimes I just need a weekend. One free of the demands of every day life. Of course, there is always something going on… but this weekend I really just sat back and enjoyed myself. And you know what? It was just what I needed. Lately we’ve been in a pretty stressful place. Life has it’s demands. Things are stressful. We keep telling each other that some breakthrough must be coming, because these times are so hard. This isn’t a pity party, but merely an observation to record so when I look back I can see the hope shining through every moment.

In this demanding time of life I choose joy. I relish these serene moments. It seems as those this weekend was especially filled with them. And I don’t want to miss them or forget about them, So I want to share them.

It seems as every Friday afternoon rolls around I’m desperate to get out and do something “fun” – A week of being up early to coach classes, working from home all day, coaching evening classes, and fitting in homework/housework leaves me itching to just get out. This Friday we decided to seek out some good TexMex, which is hard to find in Missouri. We ended up at Fiesta Modern Mexican, and it was amazing.


Seriously, it was the best TexMex I’ve had in Missouri! We saw that there were some major storms headed our way so we didn’t stay long. As we were driving home we were heading right for some pretty scary looking clouds.


See those funnel clouds? YIKES! We made it home right as it began to really pour. Their were a few tornados that touched down pretty close to our house, but we had no damage. I feel thankful to be safe and am praying for all those affected. With the weather it wasn’t a crazy friday night, I actually ended up falling asleep around 9pm on the couch watching the storm coverage.

I was pretty excited about Saturday morning – I LOVE Saturday mornings at our CrossFit box! It is so much more laid back since people aren’t rushing to get to work… and I also had some friends from the St Louis Bloggers group coming to get their CrossFit on! I also got to wear my new purple WODGEAR Crops.


Love them! They are super comfy and durable. They did great while I was working on my rope climbs. The WOD on Saturday was a tough one. Actually, all of last week was tough. Something about this WOD on Saturday was exponentially more difficult than I expected. It was 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push Jerk & Front Squat. The girls Prescribed weight was 95lbs. That is HEAVY for me to go overhead with that many times. I started with the 95 but knew after 5 reps I should scale it down so I went down to 85. It was still SO difficult for me. I don’t know if it was the whole week of tough WODs sneaking up on me or what, but I struggled. And as much as it sucked, I’m thankful for it. Just another thing I love about CrossFit… There are workouts out there that may look easy but end up knocking us on our butts… it really helps keep me humble. It really is important to check your ego at the door, and sometimes we I need a reminder of that.

When Kristen, Rachel, & Janice showed up for the blogger workout I was excited to show them around the box. Payton was a good help with that too, lol. We started them up with a warm up and then introduced them to our baseline WOD: 500m row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, and 10 pull ups. Kristen and Rachel were actually there a bit before Janice so they jumped into the WOD first, both of them killed it! When Janice got there I took her through the warm up and the workout while Chris worked with the others on some lifting. Janice rocked it too! I love to see people pushing themselves, and even though she may not have wanted to…. lol, Janice pushed herself! She has just recently gotten into fitness and lost 40lbs in the last year! I was proud of her for pushing through even though it was tough.


Janice on the rower. Read her recap here


Kristen and Rachel on the rowers

After the morning workout we headed to our usual breakfast place, bob evans. They probably smelled us coming.

After a quick breakfast we went home and just sat around relaxing and working on homework. Well, we should have been working on homework, but we ended up watching the livestream coverage of CrossFit Regionals


Some of these athletes are insane! It was inspiring to watch, for sure. Made me excited to get back in the gym and kill it!

We went to church on Saturday night and then hung out at home.

Sunday mornings are my new favorite. We usually sleep in and spend the morning sipping coffee on the back porch. Payt loves to play with Froning. He doesn’t realize how strong he is and tackles her pretty good. Good thing he’s cute, because he can be a little booger.


I had plans to do some cleaning of the basement as we want to start a project down there, but to be honest I was just worn out from the week. I was physically and mentally spent. So I watched more of regionals, did some homework and took a nap.

I didn’t get my to do list done, but I did get to spend some quality time with my favorite people. And I needed that. I just needed a win this weekend, ya know. Sometimes life is hard and you just need to let it go and just be happy, regardless.

Now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to fight through another week.

What’s your favorite weekend activity?


7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. weekends are the best! i love being able to workout without a time constraint. during the week, i wake up early and have to be quick in the gym before showering, eating, and heading to work, but weekends are awesome because i get to sleep in (though itz not very late), eat breakfast, hang around, go to the gym and take my time. love it!


  2. I actually didn’t exercise at all this weekend which is super strange for me, and just about nothing went as originally planned, but it was such a great weekend! (some details are on my blog)
    But I agree, pushing yourself doesn’t seem great at the time, but when it’s over- it’s worth it. I made myself run 9 miles last week, which is the most I have done in two months. It was tough to get my head in the game and push through, but when I kept making myself do another lap I felt proud and accomplished. I was ready to tackle homemade toaster strudels, surprised I had the energy to bake them. lol.


  3. My favorite weekend activity is “as little as possible”. Sadly, it usually turns into laundry and house cleaning since I don’t get much done during the week being that my son has been so incredibly clingy.

    I have so many issues with anything overhead. I can do front squats and back squats, but when I have to do overhead squats or anything like that, it really takes a toll on my and makes me feel like my back is about to give out. Any suggestions on that? And good back strengthening exercises?

    Glad you had a good weekend and were able to rest and chill some! Always needed! I can’t imagine how busy your lives must be with having the box now! I am sure it is madness!


  4. I seriously can’t handle the under-bite of a bulldog. SO FREAKIN CUTE!
    When I work from home I get the same itch. I was definitely having that this weekend, especially because it was so nice out here.


  5. I realize this is not the point of your post but…what kind of dog do you have? I have a beabull from Missouri and she looks a lot like yours! I wonder if they are siblings?!


  6. I love the weekends because I can take it easy. That food looks amazing and now I want to check that place out! Its been forever since we’ve gone out for texmex!


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