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Weigh In Wednesday: Whole30 Week 3 Results

We are half way through the week! Yes! That means we are that much closer to the end of my Whole30. Not that I’m counting down… ahem. Anyway… It’s Weigh In Wednesday! Time to check in on our progress this week!

Weigh In Wednesday

I’m in the middle of week 4 of my Whole30… and it hasn’t been easy. Read my recap of week 3 and it’s clear to see that I’ve had my struggles. But you can also see I’ve had some HUGE changes in my body. Check out this halfway point picture (it’s been overused – I know. But the results are still shocking!) I can’t wait to see my final progress pictures on Tuesday. I have a lot to say about the program as a whole, but I can say that I am pleased with the results.


I had thought about doing a Whole30 for some time. It just never seemed to be “good timing” – And I don’t know that any time is better than another. I knew that I needed to make some sacrifices and changes and get a little strict to see the results I want. I kept thinking about it but just never did it until now. Thanks to my good friend Walt for reminding me what it takes to get started!


And because I just decided not to over think it and just do it, I am seeing awesome results! So I encourage you whatever it is you are wanting to do: Start a blog, eat healthier, start exercising… quit talking about it… quit thinking about it… just do it! It doesn’t have to be as drastic as Whole30 – but start somewhere!

Here are this weeks measurements:


What what!!! A total of 10.5 inches?! UNREAL. It has been hard, but these results don’t lie!

How’d You Do This Week? What are you going to start doing this week that you’ve been talking about doing?

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