Coffee Date

Coffee Date: It’s March!

Not only is it Friday, but it is March! I can honestly say I’m not sad to see February go. It was a chaotic month that started off traveling to Cookeville for my Level 1 Cert  where this happened…


Yes, I really needed another excuse to use this picture. You’re welcome. 

Driving to Florida and back in just a few days, Little Dreamer turning 3, Valentines Day, the dietbet, and tons of other every day life stuff made it crazy too. Not to mention all this dang snow. Is it spring yet?! I don’t know about you, but all this snowy weather makes me want lots of tea and coffee. Speaking of Coffee… are you ready for our Coffee Date?


Grab your favorite mug (this one is my new favorite) and lets chat!

Your turn, if we were having coffee – What would you tell me?

Linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches


7 thoughts on “Coffee Date: It’s March!”

  1. If we were having coffee…

    I would tell you to celebrate your birthday ALL month long. You are so young lol I’ll be turning 41 April 1st. I guess the good thing is I don’t feel at all that old!

    Kev and I have been juicing and today I’m so frustrated that we just can’t keep the produce good for long periods of time. Guess that’s why it’s healthy, need to figure out how to keep stuff more fresh. Probably should just juice every day hmmm novel concept.

    Happy March! Nice having coffee with ya.


    1. I love juicing – but I’m the same way. My mornings are super chaotic so having time to do it is hard. I may try to do it in the afternoon/evening. It is super frustrating to have produce go bad. What is your favorite juicing combo?


      1. So far favorite juicing combo is sweet potato (peeled and cut), carrots and orange. It was thick and yummy.

        Then we did find two green juices that we liked. I’m so glad we tried again because the 1st time at Christmas was a doozy. Too much kale.

        I am working on putting together a juicing section on the site and blogging about it too.


  2. The older we get the MORE we should celebrate! I am like you and have gotten HEALTHIER as I age, live it up girl! and I’m so proud of you for CFL1!


  3. lol.. I thought it was funny at the beginning of the video when you said it’s snowing again… the look on your face, you can tell you are so over it.
    BTW, I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like your video ended “suddenly” at 2:50, so I don’t know that the whole thing played/uploaded.


  4. You videos are so encouraging! So inspiring and so real. It’s my birth month too, we’ll have to have a party link up! I’m super jealous of your lululemon purchases.


  5. I would tell you that I sent to a Cross Fit intro class yesterday. And that I treated myself to x-country skis and went out yesterday to enjoy the snow and sun. This AM my legs are very, very, very sore! But I’m going to head out again to hit the trails. We have to make the most of the snow and cold!!


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