Gwynnie Bee – Clothing Without Commitment

Guys – I’m so excited to share something amazing with you today!! As most of you know my journey to healthy living has been a long one. As long as I can remember I have been always been plus size. After I had my daughter I was in a size 20. Shopping for me was always limited to the sale racks at Old Navy and Target. Finding clothes that made me feel cute and didn’t break the bank was hard to do. As I started to lose weight I got more excited about shopping, only to find the selection didn’t get any better as you moved from 20 to 18… or even from 18 to 16. Even though I spend a lot of time in my workout gear I still want to have outfits to feel cute in. Being able to dress nice and feel good about myself is a way to celebrate the progress I’ve made. As I (hopefully) continue to lose weight, buying new clothes can get pricey. Enter Gwynnie Bee.


So basically, Gwynnie Bee is like the Netflix of clothes for sizes 10-28. They have subscription plans that range from 1-10 items out at a time. You have a virtual closet that you get to fill up with things you’d like to try. They will send you pieces from your closet and you get to keep them as long as you’d like. When you’re ready to send it back you just use the prepaid return envelope. You can send back just one piece or the whole shipment. Once you notify them you returned something they will send you something else out of your closet.

A few days ago I got my first shipment. I was SO excited to open it up. It was like Christmas! I even finally got out my tripod and wireless camera remote to take some REAL pictures of myself. Hooray for no short arm selfies!


Jacket – Mynt 1792 Upper East Bomber Jacket via Gwynnie Bee
TShirt- Gap
Jeans- Old Navy

I absolutely LOVE this jacket. It is so sassy and fun! I would wear this out grocery shopping, to church, or a night out with the hubs.


Shirt- Asos Curve Peplum Top in Spot Print via Gwynnie Bee
Jeans- Old Navy

Ok, so I realllly realllly wanted to love this top. It just seemed fun. I love the idea of Peplum tops but haven’t been convinced that they would work for me. This is one of the great things about Gwynnie Bee- you can try any style or print you normally wouldn’t commit to because if it doesn’t work you can just send it right back!


Dress- Kiyonna 3/4 Sleeve Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress Black via Gwynnie Bee

OMG. I’m in love with this dress. I honestly have no where fancy to wear it, but I wanted to try it anyway. Sometimes you just need to dress up, even if it’s for no reason. I love how the dress fit closely but didn’t make me feel constricted. Now I just need the hubs to take me on a hot date *wink wink*

So what do you do when you feel cute and have no where to go? Take outrageous pictures of yourself with your wireless remote and tripod!


Starting today,February 21- if you sign up for Gwynnie Bee and mention me, “Courtney Norman/Journey of a Dreamer”, you get a free, 30-day trial subscription (up to 3 items at a time)! No risk, no commitment at all. Cancel on or before your 30 days are up and you won’t be charged (Gwynnie Bee will need their clothes back though). New Gwynnie Bee Guests, requestan invite (the site is invite-only at this time), tell them that Journey of a Dreamer referred you, activate your account, browse around and give it a try. The trial is limited to new members only. Sign up now!

Would you use a clothing subscription service? Do you take crazy pictures of yourself too?

I am a Blog Affiliate for Gwynnie Bee which means if you sign up I get money towards my subscription service. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own!


25 thoughts on “Gwynnie Bee – Clothing Without Commitment”

  1. I love anything involving clothes! I don’t love that this means someone else has worn them – did they look/smell/feel really clean? That’s the only part that would be a turn off fore but other than that itz a really cool idea!


    1. Linz,

      Great question! We know that is a big concern for our members and potential members. We take great pride in upholding high standards of quality and cleanliness. Each garment is inspected three times between the time that we receive a garment (either from the brand/designer or a customer) and when the garment goes back out. If the item doesn’t meet you standard when you receive it, let us know and we’ll send you a new one immediately. I hope that helps answer your question.


  2. Holy buckets that service is genius! I hated spending money when I was losing, knowing that I’d wear it for a month or 2 and then have to buy new. I found one really good consignment store by me, but that was it. And it was hard to get them to take clothes because I wasn’t buying brand names. I wish I had found that site a year ago!


    1. Yea- it definitely didn’t fit right. I am not closed off to the idea of a peplum top… I just haven’t found the right one yet. And I am seriously in love with this dress. We need a fancy STL bloggers dinner that I can wear it to!


  3. LOVE the jacket and the black lace dress. You look beeaaauuutiful! I agree that the peplum top actually fits too big on you. I have trouble with peplum stlye as well – I haven’t found one long enough – or one where the ruffle starts at the right place without making my torso look 2″ long. :/ I’m still looking though!


  4. I have the polka dot peplum top in my closet as well. The last ASOS peplum top (the b/w striped) was too small (an usually ASOS 18’s are borderline too large) so I’m hoping this one fits differently. The black lace dress is divine on you!


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