Coffee Date

Coffee Date: On Being Intentional

Hello Friends. I’m so glad that you are here for our weekly coffee date. This week has been crazy, the holidays off mean more work piled up… school work and house work seemed to fall behind schedule too. This time next week we will be on our way to Costa Rica for a much needed vacation. I’ll try to check in with you while I’m gone, but I’m also looking for any blogging friends who might be interested in guest posting over here. If you are send me an email courtney(at)courtneynorman(dot)org.

On to the coffee. What are you drinking this morning? I’m finishing up my Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread K-Cups. So good. OH! We also got a Starbucks Verismo! Found it on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond. LOVE IT. I might drink a latte next…


Ready for Coffee? Let’s Chat!

Don’t forget to enter the Sweaty Bands giveaway! I’ve still got a few more things to share in the GEARing up for 2013 series so watch out for that this week too!

Linking up with Alissa. Love her.

Your Turn… If we were having Coffee, what would you tell me?


8 thoughts on “Coffee Date: On Being Intentional”

  1. Intentional. Love it! Great word and meaning and thought behind it.

    My word is balance. I need to find some in my life. Something has got to give in order to achieve that.


  2. I am so with you about the friendships. As adults everyone gets so much busy and sometimes we don’t make time for our friends. I’m hopeful that our friendships will grow more this year than last year and I’m hopeful for new friendships to develop. 🙂


  3. Court! I was totally gonna ask WHEN you sleep between CrossFit and school and being a great wife and mom. Apparently…not often? Lol.
    Glad your dietbet was a success!

    If we were havin’ coffee I would tell you that we have a CrossFit competition tomorrow that I’m really excited about – if we lived close to each other I’d invite you to come!


  4. Intention… You are so insightful. Gave me something to think about.

    My word for the year is transition. I’m hoping to spend more time on meaningful and fulfilling relationships this year. Hope that includes coffee dates with you! 🙂

    Enjoy Costa Rica- sounds like a dream!


  5. I actually had coffee for the first time at home this week! I’ve only tried it once before and since I’m trying to cut out dairy I thought I’d try coffee instead of my tea with milk & sugar. Jealous your leaving for Costa Rica – it looks beautiful and I can’t wait to cross it off my bucket list one day!


  6. Where is Costa Rica are you going? I spent a week there with my mom and sister in April. It was incredible! We were on the coast, Montezuma… so beautiful and relaxing!


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