Coffee Date, Vlog

Coffee Date

So I’m totally lost on the days of the week. Seriously, I forgot it was even Friday. The weekend came fast with a short work week! Since it is Friday that means it is time for coffee with Alissa, my favorite! What are you drinking this morning?


I’ve got my favorite Gingerbread Coffee from Green Mountain and a bit of cream. I stole the cup the hubs sister made for him. A little Pride and Prejudice quotes to start the day. Love.

Let’s get to our coffee date! Pull up a comfy chair and lets chat.

and I have a special treat for you! I mentioned Payt’s little ipad thing (innotab2) and she loves it. Here is her rambling vlog from the other day, I was dying. She is making NO sense at all…. but it is still too cute.

“Thank You Everyone, Bye!” haha, looooove it.

Alright- Your Turn!

If we were having coffee, What would you tell me?
What are your plans for New Years?

Als0- Stay tuned next week I’ll be doing a GEARing Up for 2013 Series. I can’t wait!


9 thoughts on “Coffee Date”

  1. I totally hear you on finding balance! I recently switched from 5 days of working out per week to 4. I was feeling overwhelmed and like I didn’t have enough time to get chores done at home and prep food for lunches and just relax. So far I am loving the switch! If anything I think it is healthier for me since I’m not so stressed all the time.
    One thing that helps me in the food department is to be really picky – people bring a ton of desserts and such into the office at this time of year, and I make sure I don’t eat anything just cause it’s there or just to be nice. I enjoyed some really great fudge but I passed on muffins since I’m not a huge muffin fan. Hopefully that will help? But you’re right – you can’t just go cold turkey and not enjoy life. You are finding the balance already, girl! Keep it up!


  2. I love that video! Payt is so adorable haha although I had some trouble understanding lol and it’s a lovely idea to do a coffee date vlog.


  3. Ok- totally love ya! You are stinkin’ awesome! Loved this coffee chat! Who am I ? Jen- I just sat down with you and had coffee! haha! No but I plan on following you now so happy I ran into you! Saw you linked up from Rags to Stitches and I loved the coffee chat so i will be back! 🙂


  4. I know exactly what you mean about balance! When my work outs are amazing my diet is good but not great and then visa versa. I have had the hardest time getting both aligned. I am not a meal planner and should probably try that, has a bit and think that the extra sodium is killing my diet. I wish you the best of luck and I am sure you will find what is best for you and the family.


  5. Oh My Gosh… I just love your daughters Vlog!! Super Cute! I love how she said “thank you, bye” at the end.
    oh life balance…it’s tough, but possible (so I keep telling myself). Have a great weekend.


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