Yelp Shops Local Event: Kaldi’s Roaster Tour and Roast

I finally got to attend my first Yelp event! I have been yelping off and on for a few years… mostly looking for good reviews than actually writing reviews. When I started to see the Yelp Community grow I was excited about getting more involved. So, I started writing reviews… checking in… looking for new Yelpers to Friend. It became so much fun! We use Yelp when we travel, when we are looking for a new place to eat, or something to do. “How many stars does it have?” is a normal question when we are out to eat. When I saw they were hosting the Kaldi’s Roaster Tour and Roast I knew that we had to get in on it.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the Yelp St Louis Community Manager Aimee, who is just as spunky in person as she is in her reviews, and told to hang around and chat with everyone. We also were offered speciality drinks made by the awesome Kaldi’s barista. The drinks were A-MAZ-ING. Seriously, can I just bring Jackie home with me to make me drinks all the time?!

There was also a little area with pastries and baked goods set up. Hello chocolate chip! After mingling for awhile we were taken on a tour of the wear house where they roast the coffee and the cupping room where they try the coffee. I had no idea they all just sit around a table and try coffee and just by tasting one cup decide to buy thousands of pounds of coffee. No pressure, right?

Seeing the actual roasting machines was pretty cool. They also bag and sticker all their coffee by hand. I love that Kaldi’s is a local place that is growing and doing so well.

I had a great time and loved getting to meet other yelpers. Can’t wait for the next event!!

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2 thoughts on “Yelp Shops Local Event: Kaldi’s Roaster Tour and Roast”

  1. Such a fun event! I just yelp-friended you! I’ve been trying to be more active on yelp too, as I’ve found it to be very helpful since moving to a new city. There are literally hundreds of choices on restaurants, and YELP helps me narrow which ones I might like to try based on other recommendations.


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