Coffee Date

Coffee Date: Lipstick & High School

Good Morning Lovelies!!

How are you doing this morning?

I’m doing good! I’m having hair issues… I hate when I have a great hair day and then go to CrossFit and get all sweaty. The price of fitness, I suppose.

On to the coffee… Yesterday I attended my first Yelp Event! and it was held at the Kaldi’s Coffee Headquarters where they roast all their coffee. It was so fun! I’ll write more about it this weekend but wanted to give you a sneak peak…

Those are real live coffee plants! How cool, right?

On to the Coffee Date… Grab your coffee (or pumpkin chai!) and lets chat!

I can’t believe High School was 7 years ago. Class of 2005, holla! LOL. Such a fun time. What about you? Favorite High School memory? Most embarrassing moment? I would love to hear it!!

Also, like I mentioned in the video – The Dietbet Pot is up to $580 now!! Be sure to sign up NOW! It starts on Wednesday.

Your Turn!

If we were having coffee what would you tell me? Did you have a good week? Are you joining our dietbet? And be sure to leave a memory or story from high school!

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8 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Lipstick & High School”

  1. Random statements regarding your post: Dietbet is at $920! I love Kaldi’s the most, but I’ve never been to their headquarters. I’m way, way, way older than class of 2005. I went to high school before facebook. Embarrassing moments were not documented then. Woo hoo for being old:)
    I’m not too old to enjoy your blog.


    1. The diet bet is now $1540!! We’re gonna be rich! I’m not going to lie, i’ve been craving Kaldi’s ever since the tour. I didn’t have facebook in high school either. We were all about Xanga. Ha. Glad you enjoy the blog – thanks for stopping by!


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