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Newsflash: I’m not Perfect.

Sometimes I wish life had a pause button. Or an extra day in the week. Or both. There should be a weekend for relaxing, then a buffer day, then the work week. How do we make that happen?

To be honest, these last few months have been a blur. I have a tendency to get caught up in busyness and forget to ENJOY. The house needs cleaned, homework needs to be done, laundry needs to be washed (folded and put away), working 40ish hours a week, planning healthy meals, grocery shopping, working out, blogging/social media to keep up with… and the list goes on. At the end of the day I climb into bed exhausted, and feeling let down that I didn’t get it all done. Apparently, in my mind I’m Wonder Woman.

The truth is, I’m not Wonder Woman (shocker, I know). And I can’t do it all. So I live with the sticky floor I spilled coffee creamer on last week and still haven’t mopped… and the clothes in the dryer that I have turned on “touch up” 5 times because I didn’t have time to fold them…. the late nights of finishing school assignments just before deadlines…. the random meals I throw together because I haven’t been shopping… and the early mornings because it’s the only time I can get a workout in… and the toys all over my floor that I am boycotting picking up for the gazillionth time… the sheets I don’t wash enough…. the toilet I don’t clean enough…and the fact that my kid watches too much tv…

and i realize that i may not be perfect…. but that’s ok.

i am me. i am still learning. i have an amazing husband, who supports me whole heartedly. and deals with my emotions and break downs. and loves me despite it all.

and i have been blessed to have a daughter who has such a joy and zest for life. she is curious, smart, talkative, friendly, and compassionate and has taught me more than I feel like I can ever teach her…

i’m sure i’m still going to have days that i expect too much of myself and feel let down when i don’t get it all done.

i’ll have melt downs.

and cry over spilt creamer (true story… you don’t have to cry over spilt milk… but coffee creamer is way more expensive than milk!)

but at the end of the day, i know that i am doing ok.

and i’m ok with that.

Do you struggle with trying to do it all? Any tips?

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35 thoughts on “Newsflash: I’m not Perfect.”

  1. oh goodness! you are beautiful! thanks for sharing this! i am in the same boat! i always try to be perfect and not let anything get in my way or let anything bother me to show my imperfectiions. i feel like i can do it all and then some on top of that! we end up putting way too much pressure on ouselves when we do that though! embracing impefections is defintely the way to go. we become much more at ease, happy, and can enjoy life! youre exactly right! just keep on smiling! you are wondeful! spa ❀


  2. Oh heavens YES I struggle.. It is hard doing it all – sometimes I just want someone to take care of “me”, instead of me for everybody else. I just keep on keeping on and remembering how blessed I am that I CAN do it. Hang in there.


  3. I totally hear you on this! I can be such a perfectionist and it really drags me down. I either avoid stuff completely or can’t stop a task until it’s TOTALLY done. One tip: set a timer. “I am ONLY going to clean the kitchen for 20 minutes.” Then, when the time goes off, feel proud that it’s better than it was before and go do something fun. You’ll never look back on your life and think, “Man. I WISH I’d spent more time doing chores.”


  4. I think this is one of the biggest struggles women have, when we are expected to be able to do it all! But breaking it down like you have, realizing that’s not required to live and enjoy a successful life, is the key to actually “having it all” (so to speak). It’s so tough when we want to be providers and caregivers for all, that we tend to put ourselves on the last of the list and then end up feeling like a failure. But gut checks like the one you’re doing are so important in remembering how awesome everything is you do!


    1. It is a tough balance. I want to be a good mom and wife, but that doesn’t mean that my house has to be spotless or that I do some elaborate craft time with my 2 year old every day… Sometimes its just enjoying the little things in life!


  5. Overwhelmed can not even explain it. Why do we put so much on ourselves? Crazy, and you would think with all the benefits of tablets, cell phones and the internet we would have more time but its the other way around.

    Know that you are not alone and I have cried over spilled milk before. I wanted my fruity pebbles…what more can I say? lol


  6. I am so guilty of this. I am a SAHM and think that this is my job now I have to get it all done including taking care of my 7 1/2 month old son! We are our own worst critics (I criticize myself in EVERY aspect of my life). I used to get so irritated to the point of crying when my son would be so needy and I couldn’t get housework done and always felt bad when my husband would come home and the house was still in shambles. We can’t do it all sometimes and that is ok!! We just need to do what we can. The sticky floor isn’t going anywhere. The dishes will still be in the sink waiting for us. I have had to learn that my son is my first responsibility and the rest will get done when I et to it!


    1. I struggled WAY more when I first had my daughter and stayed home. I thought if I was staying home I was “expected” to keep a perfect house and was disappointed when it didn’t happen that way. Live and learn!


  7. Love this Court!!!! You just hit the nail on the head today!!!! I am exhausted and I try so hard sometimes and a break down was needed this morning. Your timing was impeccable lol. We are not nor do we need to be Wonder Woman. Thank you for the reminder! πŸ˜‰ Oh and yes crying over creamer is totally acceptable ❀


  8. Who wants to be perfect anyway? I think it’s GOOD that we are still learning and we should NEVER want to stop learning. It’s a joy in life. So screw perfect! Do you, do what you gotta do, and learn life along the way πŸ™‚


  9. I’ve come to realize that the people that say they have it all together are just liars. Or oblivious to the fact that everyone hates them and their kids are going to grow up and need tons of therapy. πŸ™‚ This perfectionist is just happy at the end of the day if everyone is still alive and the house is still standing. And even that’s exhausting!


    1. I am usually pretty good about hiding it… but I have my moments of breakdown. They usually come out of selfishness 😦 Still working on that. Thank God for GRACE.


  10. Super happy I came across your blog. I am impressed by all your hard work! I feel like we have tons in common…I love to CrossFit and Run…ran my 4th marathon in Oct. I have lost lots of weight too but now that I am prego with my 4th I am trying hard to not gain as much weight as I did with the other 3! and not really in common but my brother lives in St. Louis and I was out there this summer. Sorry for the novel comment but I couldn’t resist. One of my favorite ecards says: I see these Moms who can do everything and I think “I should have them do something for me.”


  11. Definitely yes!! I think most women set up high expectations (of our selves) and then get totally emotional and exhausted when everything starts getting tight in the pipeline. It will always be a struggle to find balance in life, but the times everything is balanced – you will be that much more thankful for! It’s awesome that you have a wonderful family that is behind you 100%. It makes a world of difference πŸ™‚


  12. Yep! Yep!! And people tell you “learn to say no”… Well I started saying no, and people really don’t like it, but so is life. You’re amazing and inspiring!!! PS you need to try this new s’mores creamer I found. Delish!!!! Love! Love!!


  13. Do I struggle with balance…psssshhh – of course!!! hahahaha I think that is one of the greatest battles women face today. Glad you are reminding all of us that it’s okay to not be perfect – because we need to hear it again and again!


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