Weekly Workout Recap

Another week gone so fast? This is getting a little outrageous! It did feel good to get back to CrossFit after being away for a week. I was so eager to get back at it Monday morning I was actually a little early to the 5am class! This was a tough week of workouts! Which is good, because of all the thanksgiving indulgences.

Monday – CrossFit

Snatch balance 5 x 3
WOD – 16:15
3 rounds for time of:
500 meter row
50 DUs – (I did 150
5 Burpees
Turkish get ups

Tuesday- CrossFit

CrossFit Total – 445

Find a one rep max for the following:
Strict Press
Back Squat

I have been looking forward to this because I know I have gotten stronger. I ended up getting some pretty good PRs on the Back Squat and Deadlift… but just 5 pounds on the Strict Press. A PR is a PR though, so I’ll take it!

Wednesday- Run

3.11 miles at an average pace of 12:55. It actually felt great to just get out and run! I really enjoyed my new Therafit Shoes too!

Thursday – Thanksgiving! CrossFit

Turkey Day WOD – 29:04
800 meter run
25 pullups
800 meter run
25 pushups
800 meter run
25 squats
800 meter run
25 burpees

This was actually kinda fun! We don’t usually run this much at CrossFit so it was a nice change. And a great way to start Thanksgiving!

Friday- CrossFit

WOD – 32:34
“The Sucky Seventy!”
(Because 50 just ain’t enough for the day after Thanksgiving!)
Partner WOD
1 person working at a time…
70 Box jumps
70 Lunges (each leg)
70 Swings (35#/53#)
70 Push press (75#/115#)
70 K-2-Elbows
70 Deadlifts (95#/135#)
70 Wall ball
70 Burpees
70 Double unders

This looked so much more intimidating than it actually was. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough! I had a good partner so that helped. I’m not a big kettlebell swing fan, she isn’t a fan of deadlifts so we compensated well for each other. OH! Also- We used the 20 inch box for the box jumps!!! That is a HUGE deal for me. Especially since I just recently conquered the 18″ box. I felt kinda Bad A after those box jumps. ha.


Saturday- Active Rest Day

We spent the day walking all around Old Town St Charles for the Christmas Celebration. SO fun.

Sunday – Rest Day

Sunday was a total rest day. We spent the day hanging out around the house and trying to get school work done.

Overall I feel really good about my workouts… the food… that’s another story. I actually woke up with an upset tummy… too much gluten and grains! I gotta get back on track. I am actually thinking about doing a December weight loss challenge. Who wants in? I’m going to be setting up a Dietbet, so the winners will get cash! Want to start December 1st?! $20 buy in, and whoever loses 4% of their starting weight gets the pot! The more people enter the bigger the prizes.

How were your workouts this week? Want in on the DietBet challenge? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. OMG girl! I want to be lifting buddies with you! Our numbers are practically identical! Strict press is SO hard for me. I rely a ton on the hip thrust in cleans and deadlift…and when I can’t use my legs in the strict overhead stuff…it kills me.

    Keep up the awesome work!


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