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Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends. And reflecting on how blessed we are. Always.

Today started out with a special Thanksgiving WOD at CrossFit O’Fallon

Since they had just 2 classes this morning Chris went at 7 and I met him at 8, Payton was excited to get to go to CrossFit with me to meet him there for the kid exchange. Look how incredibly cute she was this morning

Already posing. She’s going to be a model. Or a blogger. I can already see her What I Wore Wednesday and #OOTD posts. Ha.

Delilah wanted to get in on the action too. Those two are trouble together.

Post WOD breakfast was a Very Berry Smoothie – A bag of frozen berries, milk, and some GNC Egg Protein. I’ve been on a green smoothie kick lately but Payton requested a red smoothie this morning. Ha.

Back to thanksgiving…

It has been such a whirlwind the last few months weeks and this holiday really snuck up on me. Being that I have made some great progress in my health this year I had a totally different mindset coming up to thanksgiving. I knew that there were a few things I wanted to indulge in (hell0, pumpkin pie) but I wanted to find some healthier opportunities from some of the classic staples. I had to make my favorite homemade rolls and lucky for me, I had a helper!

I found a recipe for a healthier version of the classic Green Bean Casserole. It involved slicing a lot of onions, which brought a lot of tears. Payton didn’t understand why I was “crying” and kept telling me “It’s ok sweetie, don’t cry”

She was a great helper! We prepped most of our food last night so we just had to heat it up today. This left us with quite the mess!

(ps- can you find payton? I didn’t realize she was in this until after I took it. then I thought it was hilarious)

It all turned out great. We also used a clean eating recipe for the sweet potato casserole. I made the wrapped pickles that I mentioned in my thanksgiving traditions post. I tried not to fill up on them though, that has been a mistake of mine in years past. The hubs made the turkey in his Rebel Smoker. It was SO good. His mom made an amazing jalapeno cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy as well as the Pies for dessert. His sisters made some amazing dip for an appetizer as well.

I filled my plate with Turkey and a sample of each of the sides, except the green beans… it was a little more than a sample. The Homemade cream of mushroom soup was so good with the fresh onions! I also had a piece of pumpkin pie with cool whip. Yum. Payton was thrilled with the turkey cookie her grandma made for her. That last picture on the bottom was her right before she said “No more pictures, I have to eat!” oh kids… love em.

I am so incredibly thankful for so much this thanksgiving. For my family, my supportive and handsome husband, and for YOU. I love all the wonderful people I have been able to meet through blogging. It really has changed my life. For the better. I am thankful for health. And happiness.

Thanksgiving 2012 is in the books!

How did you spend your thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?


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