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Weekly Workout Recap

Whew- What a week!! I am happy to report that we made it back home safe and sound. St Louis never looked so good! We had a great time, but there is nothing like being away from home to make you appreciate it more.

This week was an off week for workouts. We had plans to try out a local Clearwater CrossFit, but it turns out they needed a good amount of notice to “register” for classes and our schedule was so unpredictable we couldn’t make it work. That being said, there were still some decent workouts, just not nearly as many as I’m used to. I guess having a “slow” workout week can be good every once in awhile. It made me even more excited to get back to CrossFit and to really clean up my diet. Now, let’s look at the workouts!

Monday- Unintentional Rest Day

Lots of family time!

Tuesday- 2 mile beach run

Wednesday- At Home/Travel WOD

The hubs and I were itchin for a good WOD so we improvised and created our own. It was all body weight stuff and was pretty quick, around 5-7 minutes. We just did 1 round but if you wanted a more intense workout you could do a few rounds. This was enough to get the blood pumping and a little sweat going. It

Thursday- Rest Day

Lots of work stuff going on, plus squeezing in some last minute family time and packing

Friday- Walking around Disney World

We drove from Clearwater to Orlando to spend a day at the happiest place on earth. This including lots of walking. We also went the whole day without a stroller, so there was plenty of “heavy lifting” including my nearly 40lb 2 year old.

Saturday – Pretty Muddy

We left Disney around 7pm and headed towards Miami, where I was working another Pretty Muddy event. I didn’t actually run the course this time but spent the day walking all over the place, taking pictures, meeting up with our Team Pretty Muddy bloggers and getting feedback from participants. It was our largest event yet! I was exhausted, but had a great time!

Sunday- Travel Day

Sunday was a day of travel. That including lots of heavy lifting (toddler + luggage) and walking around the airport. I also went grocery shopping when we got home. Can that be considered an olympic sport? Good news is I got to test out my new therafit shoes on my grocery trip. After wearing minimalist shoes for awhile these felt like walking on marshmallows! Perfect for tired feet after a long day of travel. I can’t wait to tell you more about them!

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my amount of activity for being on vacation. Not so satisfied with my food choices. I made sure to go grocery shopping so I have no excuses for not eating right this week.

I’m linking up with Little Girl in the Big World for the weekly workout round up!

Your turn- How were your workouts this week? What do you do for workouts when away from home?

Thankful Thoughts

17. Thankful for the opportunity to work with Pretty Muddy
18. Thankful for a nice house to come home to


9 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. I definitely consider walking and carrying a toddler in Disney a major workout! 🙂

    Walking is my favorite way to stay active when vacationing. Plus you see so much more when you’re on your foot than in a car. But I hear you on getting back to your usual workout routine. That first workout always feels great!


  2. Look at you kicking ass on vacation, while the rest of us come home constipated and 5 pounds heavier. 🙂 That’s too bad that you couldn’t go to the Clearwater Crossfit, but it doesn’t sound like you skipped a workout pushing a toddler around Heaven. 🙂


  3. Way to get so much in during your vacation! I know most people just write off working out completely during vacation, so good for you for squeezing it in whenever possible. I love doing on the spot WODS — because then I can pick the exercises I want to do! LOL!


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