Coffee Date

Coffee Date: From Florida!

Good Morning Lovelies! How are you? I am so excited right now! We are packing up everything here in our rental and heading toward Orlando for a surprise trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!! We decided we were too close not to go.

This morning I haven’t had my coffee yet, I think we’re going to grab some on the way out. Probably Starbucks since I’m a GOLD CARD MEMBER now!!!

Look at all these caps and exclamations… I told you I was excited today!

You get a special treat… I recorded my Coffee Date video from the balcony of our condo, check out the beautiful view!

Your turn! If we were having coffee what would you tell me? How do you handle holiday stress?

I’m linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches

Thankful Thoughts

16. Thankful for Walt Disney.


12 thoughts on “Coffee Date: From Florida!”

  1. I handle stress best by getting in some sort of exercise. Today I am tackling my Christmas list (sounds early but I have to mail packages to about 6 different places). First, I have a date with the gym for cardio then strength training with my trainer Joe!


  2. I have been following your WDW pics on IG. Your lil girl is DARLING. SO CUTE!

    I wish my local coffee shop had a rewards program. I love Starbucks but there isn’t one close to my house or my work. boo.


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