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CrossFit Endurance

Since I started CrossFit I haven’t really been running that much. For awhile it was a relief, to be honest. I just felt like I needed a break. I wasn’t making progress and I was getting frustrated. I almost feel like it was a mental block.

I’m a “plus size” runner – I can’t be fast.
I could never run under a 10 minute mile
I have short legs, I can’t run
I just don’t have the runner build

As much progress as I’d made on my journey, I still struggled with negative thoughts.
and I believed them.

One of the things that CrossFit helped me learn was how to push past self doubt and embrace my inner strength, even if it started as a weakness

I am strong. I am capable. I can do this.

As I started reading other blogs about people training for marathons I realized that I kinda missed running. And that I was ready to try to start getting better.

When I was training for my marathon I really had no idea what I was doing. I hadn’t run an actual race in years, and never run anything over 3 miles! I still remember the first time I ran a “long” run of seven miles. I felt so powerful!

I started doing some research on CrossFit Endurance, and I’m really loving it! Today I went out for my first set of intervals. I just did 8×200 Repeats with a little warm up and cool down. I wasn’t shooting for the stars, but I really wanted to push myself on the intervals since they were short. I also had a running buddy!

I busted out the Disney Marathon shirt for inspiration. I never want a DNF again! Also- Payton decided she needed to keep her face warm, and this was the most logical way of doing it. Love that girl.

My best pace was 7:27… WHAT? One of my interval averages was 8:44. I am capable. I am strong. My usual running pace these days is around 12-14 minutes depending on so many things. Seeing I held an average 8:44 pace (even though it was a small interval) REALLY encouraged me. I need to snap out of this “I’m slow and fat” mentality when it comes to running. It is so weird that if you put a 150lb barbell in front of me I won’t fret picking it up- but tell me to run a certain pace and I freak out.

So- I’m going to get faster. And stronger. I’m going to keep up with the CFE workouts in addition to my WODS and I have plans for a huge PR at the GO! STL Half this spring.

Do you struggle with negative self talk?
Have you heard of CrossFit Endurance? Thoughts? 



36 thoughts on “CrossFit Endurance”

  1. Thank you! I am going to start looking into this. I have the opposite problem though – I am weak, but can run a lot. So many people are in Crossfit now and I’m really wanting to give it a go!


  2. This post is so inspiring!! I totally agree with you, cause I can relate. I am just starting to run, and the fastest I can do is a 11-15 minute pace. I am slow, and have only run 3 miles max. But getting stronger is SO empowering!!

    I can’t wait to hear more, I know you can do this!


  3. Courtney, you got this! CrossFit is such a great confidence builder, isn’t it? You’re gonna be cruising along and setting crazy PRs before long and I’m excited for you! I’m kind of on the same speed train, myself. I PRd last weekend on a tough course and I know that it was because of the confidence I’ve built from CrossFit. I’ve always had self doubt about whether or not I could keep going or run faster but I’m breaking through that barrier and I have big goals ahead. Working with one of my CrossFit coaches on speed but the CF Endurance program at our gym is just kind of hit and miss right now. Looking forward to reading your progress!


    1. I’m so glad to hear that CrossFit has helped you PR. It really does boost confidence! CrossFit has literally changed my life. It’s like if I can do this WOD, what can’t I do? We don’t have a dedicated CFE Program, but I’m working with my coach a bit on it


  4. I am so excited to read that you’re trying the Crossfit Endurance program. I’m really interested in it. Obviously it will be about 9 months before I’m able to go all out but I’ll watch your journey and live vicariously through you. 🙂


  5. It is always awesome when you discover your secret speed! You are strong and you can do anything that you set your mind to! Sometimes you just need to take a break and change things up a bit to get renergized.

    Happy running!


    1. I might have only held it for a few seconds… But I did it! Check out the website and look under the sports specific workouts… there are awesome videos there for running form and such!


  6. I absolutely love crossfit endurance. The only thing I would advise and that i learned from doing CFE in the past, is that you still should do a long run about every 2-3 weeks. I know it is kind of against the “Crossfit” way to go do something slowly for a long time, but it helps mentally. No ten+ mile hard run will prepare to come back from a black hole at mile 20-26. Again, who am I, just Alex Bridgeforth, but I do love CF and CFE. I do CF 5 times a week, CFE Strength & Condition wods 4-5 times a week, run 3 times and bike 2-3 times a week.


  7. Nice job! I did a meet up run with the great Joan Benoit Samuelson last month. She stressed that you are a runner no matter what pace you run. You don’t need to run races to be a runner either. It’s hard to not get caught up in envy when reading running blogs. Run your own race and your own pace. Good luck to you!


  8. I hadn’t really heard of Crossfit Endurance but it makes scense. I need to try adding more endurance training in to see if it works for my running.

    Congrats! You’ll do great at the race this spring.


  9. This is so encouraging!
    I love that you’re breaking away from the negative self talk. We’ve given birth to human beings- there’s NOTHING weak about that! We are amazing creatures and we’re meant to do great things!
    You are a Rockstar!
    (I set a PR on my run last night too!!!)
    PS. I may or may not be super partial to your little one’s name 🙂 I have a lil P also, only spelled differently ❤


  10. Courtney, you are so inspiring!! 🙂

    I just read the marathon post.. I cannot even imagine how you felt.. but girl, you made it freaking 21 miles!!!
    I am considering a half next year.. and my running skills are like nothing. I can run a mile kinda comfortably, but a 5k kills me. I have one on Sunday that I’m terrified of!
    Find what you love to do and do it!! Crossfit has done so much for you already!! But I totally get the bug about wanting to run from reading all these other ladies’ posts!!


    1. It was kinda movie like dramatic. It still stings a bit. I am super proud of how far I came. You can do a half! The finishers high is like nothing else. Geeeet It Girl!


  11. Yay! I am considering the Go! Half this Spring, too, I ran it last Spring… My next half is the Wine & Dine in Orlando next month. I am getting nervous, its my 2nd half and I really want to set a new PR, even if its by a few seconds!


  12. Amen!! You are stronger than you think and much more capable than you give yourself credit for! You can do anything! Look how far you’ve come!!!! Keep on rocking hard, lady!!! Spa love!


  13. So much of those first few lines of “self doubt” are the exact things I think about when I am being negative to myself. I even go so far as to tell myself “for some people those are silly, but for me it’s just TRUE”. I wish I could break the cycle. Good luck with your goals


  14. I love this, because it helps remind me to get rid of self doubt. I am the opposite. I am a strong runner but you put that 150# barbell in front of me in CrossFit and I am shaking in my boots. My mind tells me I can’t do it, but I am learning to push past those feelings. Thanks for the encouragement!!! 🙂


  15. I think perspective is the most important thing of all. Mentality can totally make your day or kill you. When I head into runs dreading them they never turn out well, and when I’m happy or even neutral they end up being great. I think you should absolutely think more about running and not at all view yourself as a slow runner or a weak runner or anything negative. You’re setting yourself up for defeat before you even start. I can’t wait to see you running and PRing at your half in the spring! Just keep the mindset that you CAN do it instead of CAN’T. It’ll make all the difference.


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