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5 Apps to Make Life Easier

Sometimes life can overwhelm me. I feel like I have so much to do that I never actually start doing any of it. I started trying to make lists, but always ended up losing them. Recently my saint of a husband got me an ipad and I started researching different apps to try to make life a little easier. There are SO many apps out there, but I am just going to share my top 5 Apps to Make Life Easier.



1. Buffer (Free)- This is an app that lets you schedule your tweets and facebook posts. I absolutely LOVE this. It allows me to be involved in social media without it consuming my life. I can schedule tweets during peak hours, be involved in twitter chats, or share blog posts without having to be on the phone or computer constantly (not that I’m not on it still… but this helps cut down the volume!)


2. Yelp (Free)- I absolutely love this app! We travel quite a bit and one of our favorite things about traveling is finding fun new things to do and places to eat. The problem is how do you know if some place is good or not? Enter: Yelp. Real people write real reviews. We found one of our favorite places to eat in Miami on Yelp! (and we could have avoided the nasty hotel fiasco had I looked up the hotel on before booking it).

3. Menu Planner ($2.99)- Meal planning is something that saves me lots of time, money, and calories. Having a way to do it all on my iphone/ipad is even better! It can be a little tricky figuring out how to set it up, but it allows you to import recipes from top recipe sites automatically and from other sites manually. Once your recipes are entered its a breeze to lay out your meals. It also tracks what you have in your pantry to make shopping even easier. Totally loving it.

4. Wunderlist (Free) – I have this app on my phone, ipad, and laptop. It syncs between devices, which rocks! I keep it open during the work day to help me keep track of my tasks. I use it to write down blog post ideas. I also use it for my shopping list! I love that I can check things off as I go, I can star certain items, set up due dates, and even email tasks to others.

5. Home Routines ($3.99) – This is by far one of my favorite apps ever. It has changed my house cleaning life. I have been struggling to keep up with housework since working full time, blogging, school, marriage, parenting, etc… I always felt so far behind that I was just keeping up with the clutter. This app gives you morning and evening routines, as well as “zone” cleaning. Each week you focus on a different zone in the house and clean it for 15 minutes a day. I love knowing exactly what I should be cleaning at a certain time. It makes cleaning seem so much less daunting. Highly worth the $3.99 for me!


So these are just a few of my favorite apps to help make a busy life easier.

Do you use any of these apps? What other apps make your life easier?



19 thoughts on “5 Apps to Make Life Easier”

  1. This post is awesome! First of all YELP is like the BEST EVER! We just moved to El Paso and are constantly overwhelmed by restaurant choices — and YELP has been a lifesaver in helping us make the right choice. It’s fun to compare reviews and then afterwards weigh in on our thoughts. Husband won’t stop at a restaurant now without asking me “how many stars does yelp give it” — too funny!!


  2. Heading now to download home routines. I have such a hard time keeping up with cleaning while getting all my other daily things done. I am going to have to check out wunderlist too.


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  4. WOW! So I was searching for good marketing apps and good times to post on social media. I ended up clicking a link through your picture. 🙂 I saw the Buffer one you mentioned so a big thank you for that one. Should save me so much time, I hate having my nose buried in my phone all the time. Then I realized how long ago this post was. Haha! Thank you!


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