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Weekly Workout Recap & October Goals Check In

Happy Monday!

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Good news – I have been able to sleep the last few nights with little to no shoulder pain… hooray! I took some extra rest days this week to try to get it rested up and I think that helped. Here is a look at my workouts from last week.

Monday – CrossFit
This one was fun, I got to work out with the hubs so that made it extra fun. Him (and Aaron) beat me pretty bad, but I held my own against the rest of the class, finishing around the 14:30 mark.

Front squat 1-1/4 5 x 3
WOD – I finished at 14:30ish
40 DUs – 120 Singles
4 rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
30 DUs – 90 Singles
3 rounds
5 pull us
10 push ups
15 squats
20 DUs – 60 Singles
2 rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
10 DUs – 30 Singles
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
75 strict sit ups

Tuesday- CrossFit
(I Think this may be where I aggravated my shoulder) I had been having some slight shoulder pain, but the snatches with the overhead squats probably did me in. Also- I hate burpees.
4 x 5 OHS
AMRAP in 15 minutes: I did 5 +4
A. 3 x (1 Power snatch + 3 OH squats) (65/95) I did 55# because I knew my shoulder was hurting… Ya…
B. 8 Burpees
C. 15 AbMat sit ups
I was still smiling afterwards though!
Wednesday – Active Rest Day
Zoo Trip! We walked all over the zoo.
Thursday– CrossFit
My shoulder was feeling a bit better so I went back to CrossFit… Stayed lower on my weight for cleans, around 65 I think. I don’t remember what my time was on this at all. Oops. I did, however, do all the knees to elbow actually on the bar! Usually half way through the workout I have to scale down to doing them from the floor. Also- Behind the back bar holds are crazy!
Power cleans 5 x 5
5 rounds for time of :
30 mountain climbers
5 power cleans 165/135/95
12 K2E
Post WOD
Behind the back bar holds
Friday- Rest Day
Per the advice of the Chiropractor I took Friday off CrossFit.
Saturday- 2 mile run.
I’m trying to focus more on my form. I’ve been watching a ton of CrossFit Endurance videos on pose running and I’m hoping that will help me get faster.
Sunday- Active Rest day
Spent the day cleaning – lots of windows, sweeping, vacuuming, moping etc. That is a pretty good workout!
Now let’s check in on our October Goals

My main goal for this month is to Be. Just be. When I’m with my family, just be with them. When I’m at work, just be at work. When I’m working out, just be there. I get so caught up in the what next that I forget to just be. – Doing good with this one, still work to do on it though. It’s ok to walk away from the computer sometimes…. gotta keep reminding myself of this. 

I also want to work on eating cleaner. Truth be told- My diet has slipped majorly in the last month or so. Whether its from being busy, tired, or whatever… I could name a million things. Sweets have started to slip their way back in. My plan of attack this month is to eat mindfully and use healthy options to curb my sweet tooth. – Eh, still working on this. Went shopping this weekend and stocked up on healthy snacks. I did have ice cream last night though… oops… 

I recently purchased an online photography class from Shoot Fly Shoot and I’m loving what I’ve learned so far. I’m going to try to Use the DSLR more this month to keep developing my skills. Eventually I’ll get on the photoshop train (I hope) but we’ll stick with taking pictures in Manual mode for this month. – I’ve been doing good on this one!! I have to actually get the pictures off the camera and on to the computer now…

#operationpantsfit because belts aren't in style this season \ life + running \

#OperationPantsFit – Emily (one of my favorite bloggers) and Calee from Life + Running started this challenge and I love it. It’s less about a number on a scale and more about feeling comfortable with yourself. I have a pair of size 14 jeans that I “fit” into but still have quite the *ahem* muffin top. I’d like to fit comfortably into 14′s. I’m going to try to stay focused on this goal, but I also want to see the 180s (or 170s?) on the scale by the end of the month. – Haven’t tried on my pants yet. My weight is up a few pounds this week because of the extra rest days (and that ice cream from last night too I’m sure…double oops)

As far as running – I’m not going to set mileage, but I want to get out for a run at least 2-3x a week in addition to the 4-5x a week I do CrossFit.- Only went once last week, trying to plan out some more time this week for running.

My CrossFit goal for the month is to be able to Power Clean 95#. I’ve gotten up to the 85-90 range – but 95 is the normal RX weights for Power Cleans on a lot of the workouts…. so this would be huge for me! Also- I think I’m going to go down a band for pull ups… but my shoulder has been acting up so we will see on that. – Not sure on this one. I practiced my form a lot. I’ve got to get under the bar faster, so I’m working with lower weights to get that down. 

 Whew- that was a long one. I’m linking up with Megan from Little Girl in the Big World for her Weekly Workout Recap!
How are your monthly goals coming? How were your workouts this week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap & October Goals Check In”

  1. that sounds like a fun WOD! I just wish our crossfit gyms weren’t too expensive so I could do it here! i try to just incorporate the workouts at my own gym when I do circuit…i suck at DUs 😉


  2. Returning the SPA ❤ 🙂
    I love the idea of operation pants fit!! I have a size 18 that I've been able to JUST fit into again (but if I sit down I bet I'd split them right up the rear!) so that gives me something to work on for October! 🙂


  3. Go YOU! As excited as I am for this week’s upcoming races, I’m also excited to take a little break from running. I find it hard to cross train, lift weights, and train for races at the same time so the first two have taken a backseat. My goals are to kill these three races coming up, then start back with cross training and weight lifting!


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