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Three Things Thursday

Ahhh there is soooo much going on right now! Let me just share 3 things with you today.

1. How awesome are these Viewsport Fitfluential shirts?! I got my in the mail this week and put it to the test during today’s CrossFit WOD and sure enough… I showed my #PROOF

those are my 4:15am tired eyes. Before!


I need to get some more of these, they are so fun. Check out Viewsport for there different styles and sayings and use the code “viewsport” to save 15% on most shirts

2. I’ve been stuck at 196 up and down the last week or two. I was getting frustrated when I came across an old picture from this same time 2 years ago. Uhm, hello progress. I will stop complaining and keep pushing

3. I have been getting kinda burnt out on eggs and bacon for breakfast (blasphemy, i know) and paleo pancakes can be messy and a lot of work. I saw that Claire tried out some “oatless oatmeal”  so I decided to try it out today. Yum yum yummy! The right balance of sweet/savory. And lets be honest, the real reason I wanted some kind of oats was to have an excuse to use nut butter (not that I don’t eat it out of the jar… but sometimes I don’t want to fight the urge to feel guilty about that). I tried the new Earth Balance Creamy Coconut & Peanut butter, so good.

and since I already used up my three things… here is an extra bonus of cuteness for the day.


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11 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday”

  1. This oatless oatmeal seems odd, but it looks like people love it! Maybe I should give it a shot. I’ve just decided that I will allow myself oatmeal and greek yogurt. Otherwise I try to stick to paleo.

    And yes, your baby girl is quite the cutie!


  2. You are looking amazing! What a transformation!! Omg!! Thanks for adhering the oatless oats also! Looks really great!! Keep on working hard! SPALove!


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