Blog Swap! Guest Post from Striding Mom

I’ve got a treat for you today!! I have my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Shelia from Striding Mom, popping in to say hi. Guys, I’m not joking when I say her blog is one of the funniest things I read on a daily basis. She is real, what you read is what you get from her! You can follow her on twitter too @StridingMom. Here she is!


I’m Sheila, also known as Striding Mom.  Courtney and I are fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors.  I have to say, reading Courtney’s blog has been an increasing source of encouragement for me.  I love a good success story and hers is totally motivating!

Courtney and I opted to tell our “greatest accomplishment” story today.  If you’d like to see my failures, epic fails and general misadventures, you’ll have to read my almost daily musings on my blog.

Choosing my greatest achievement – that was hard!  I dappled with ideas.  Race stories – nah.  Surviving toddler adoption – too emotional to revisit.  Surviving the rhythmic gymnastics contest – it’s my fault for watching it.

My best option for a few days was that after 7 years of mothering my boys are in one piece – relatively speaking.  Then on one morbidly hot and devastatingly difficult run it hit me – my greatest achievement is accepting that I am a work in progress.

I spent almost my entire life vacillating between what I thought I should be and what I thought others should be.  Athlete – too tomboyish, run straight to ballet, too girly, back to sports, too tomboyish, back to cheerleading.  You get the picture.  After college I spent most of my 20’s living in the in-between place:  hopping between what I thought I should be and what I thought everyone wanted me to be.

In my mid-20’s I moved from Peoria, Illinois (yes THE “will it play in Peoria?” Peoria) to Orange County, California.  For a girl who thinks that Under Armour running shorts and a sports bra constitute a classy outfit, the land of Botox, fake boobs and designer labels was a shock.

And while 30 greets you with the sad truth that, well, it’s all downhill from here with the advent of tiny eye wrinkles, slowed metabolism and all sorts of other fun treats, something magical happened for me.  I started to embrace that I was a work in progress.

I am who I am.

Are there things I love?  Absolutely.  I love being a mom, making people laugh, writing, pushing my body to its limits, etc.

Are there things I hate?  Oh my word yes.  I’m inpatient, spend too much time thinking about what I should’ve said, could’ve done, etc.  But learning that I’m a work in progress and being okay with that – well, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I still struggle with accepting who I am – which shows up as fear, insecurity, and other fun side effects.  But I’m on my way, and it’s somewhere I never thought I’d be!

See? I told you she was hilarious! And Smart. And Beautiful. And she owes me $5 for every nice thing I say about her. Be sure to check out my post over at Sheila’s blog today too and leave her some love! Also, check out Katie’s blog for a complete set of links to the sweat pink blog swap. Thanks, Katie for organizing this!


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