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Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

Did you guys see yesterday’s post?  I’m still on such a high from finding out that I’m one of the 10 Finalests. I have even more awesome news today! I am guest posting over on the Viewsport Blog! Make sure you check it out and share some love over there. Also- While you’re over there check out their awesome line of tshirts featuring Sweat Activated Technology. If you use the code ‘viewsport’ you can save 15% on most shirts, so grab one while you’re over there! Check out the awesome FitFluential Tanks and Tees they have too!


In other news, I’ve had some pretty awesome NSVs lately! While the scale can be a helpful tool, I cannot stress how important it is to measure your progress in Non-Scale Victories as well. Sometimes the scale will not move but you’ll see progress in other areas, which is enough to keep you motivated to keep on keepin on!

I wrote a few weeks back about how I was terrified of box jumps. Ok- I still kinda am… but I’ve hit a couple of solid ones in the last few weeks as I’ve spent tons of time working on them. That is an awesome NSV for me!

Since I started really pushing hard these last few months I’ve actually kept most of my jeans put away because it’s like a bajillion degrees outside. We’ve had a few cooler days so I decided to pull out some of my favorite jeans and put them on, and to my excitement they were pretty loose!! So I got even more brave and dusted off some of my “someday” jeans. These jeans were a pair that I wore before I got pregnant and only on days I was feeling “skinny”. They were by no means regular jeans, they were tight jeans. I tried them on last week…. and they fit!! With Wiggle Room!

(Tshirt by WODink. It says “Karen is a Dirty Pirate Woman” and if you’ve ever done the Karen WOD I’m sure you’d agree.)

I had another NSV today that I was pretty proud of. I RX’d a WOD! For those who aren’t familiar with CrossFit they have “prescribed” weights on their workout. Of course you can scale it down and still get a tough workout in, but one of my goals has been to be able to do a workout of the day (WOD) as prescribed.We did 400m run-20 Ground to Overhead (I did Clean and Jerk) 65# – 25 Thrusters 65# – 30 Burpees – 200m Run. I did it in 17:26, but I did it at the prescribed weight!

 This is my post RX’d WOD glow. Otherwise know as drenched in sweat. Or Liquid Awesome.

What are some of your NSVs (Non-Scale Victories)?


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12 thoughts on “Non Scale Victories (NSVs)”

    1. Thanks! My coach told me this morning “Watch out, beast mode has been activated!” Now I need to tackle those pull ups so I can RX Fran and show her who da boss!!


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