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Coffee Date: What are you called to do?

I started out recording a random vlog yesterday to get up this morning but when I saw what Alissa over at Rags to Stitches was vlogging about I knew I had to get in on it. So I vlogged again. If you want to see my first random coffee date vlog you can check out my youtube channel (and subscribe!)

Anyway, this week we are talking about What we feel like we are called to do, particularly in this blog space we have made for ourselves. So, pull up a chair… Lets have coffee!



After thinking about it some more I feel like the two words that describe what I want this blog to do are Inspire and Empower.I want people to know that a real person can overcome and achieve their dreams, despite how many people tell you “you can’t” (including yourself…)

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT- I mentioned this in the vlog, but here is the link to the official accouncement on the WODink page.

What do you feel called to do? How was your week? What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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5 thoughts on “Coffee Date: What are you called to do?”

  1. oh my gosh! this is so cute! i absolutely love this vlog so much! such wise and inspiring words! i love it!! i feel called just to continually make people smile and bring sunshine to their day! i want them to see the blessings of the lord each day adn enjoy them!! if we were having coffee i’d just give you a big hug for making me so inspired today with your words!!! fyi i am drinking my coffee as i’m writing this, so i feel like im actually having coffee with you!! have a wonderful day! SPA love!!


  2. Great vlog! I love your two key words… inspire and empower. I’m sure you are already doing a lot of both!


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