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60 Day Fat Loss Results

Back at the end of May the company I was working for suggested the idea of a 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge. Of course I was totally on board. The stakes were pretty high with lots of money and prizes on the line. We were all in. It was this challenge that influenced our decision to start CrossFit, clean up our diet to be more Paleo friendly, and really focus in on our goals. The first week looked promising… I lost about 5lbs. Seems like it always happens that way… I’ll lose a bunch at first and then it just stalls. I’d like to blame a lot of that on my Hashimoto’s, but I really don’t know what it is. Anyway, Let’s take a look at the results by the number and then I’ll share my lessons learned


The Results

Starting DXA Weight: 214
Starting Body Fat %: 48.2
Starting Weight: 210 (on home scale)

Week 1: 205.4
Week 2: 205
Week 3: 204.2
Week 4: 204.8
Week 5: 201.8
Week 6: 201.6
Week 7: 200.2

Final DXA Weight: 197.6
Final Body Fat %: 45.4

Total Weight Lost: 16.4lbs (thats 7.6% of my starting weight!)
Total Body Fat Lost: 2.8%

Weight Loss Before and After

The way the challenge was set up was to be a fat loss challenge. Had it been a weight loss challenge I would have come in second place. However, with as much body fat as I started out with I knew I had a lot more to lose than most of the people I was competing against. I was up for the challenge. I am super proud of how far i’ve come. These before and after pictures speak volumes.

With that being said– seeing these results were hard for me. I feel like the effort I put in deserves more than the 2.8% change these results showed. I expected more. I guess we always do, but I was disappointed. That feeling was compounded by the fact that I came in last place for percentage of fat lost by a pretty decent margin. I had a pity party for a quick minute… but then I realized I couldn’t stay in that place for long.

I have to prove to myself and others that I can better than that.

I learned so much over these past 60 days. I’m going to try to condense them here.

1) Having support and community is essential.  My husband has always been supportive of my weight loss goals, regardless of the cost. Having him do this with me meant even more than that. Check out his awesome results here. He inspired me, challenged me, and kept me accountable. He is my partner and best friend and I couldn’t have gotten this far without him. Getting involved in the CrossFit community has been a huge help as well. Not to mention my FitFluential and SweatPink family as well! Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.

2) Progress is marked by more than just the scale. Measuring inches and Body Fat are other ways to track progress, but I really love being able to celebrate NSVs or Non-Scale Victories. I celebrate when my clothes are loser, when I see a new muscle, hit a new PR on a lift or WOD, or run a little faster. Noticing these victories create an excitement and momentum that make it easier to make healthy choices. One of these NSVs recently has been hitting a box jump!

3) It is a lifestyle, not a diet. While this challenge was just 60 days, it has become more than that. This has changed the whole dynamic of our family. Our fridge and pantry are unrecognizable. We found a form of exercise we both love and can incorporate into our lives long term. We aren’t going to go out and binge just because this is over. We still have goals we want to reach.

goals dreams deadlines

4) I am stronger than I realize. This can be taken literally and figuratively. I can actually lift way more weight than I thought I could when I started. I just have to get past my mental block. I also have more resolve and focus than I thought. There is so much mental junk clogging up my mind from allowing my body to do more than I think it can do. Still a work in progress.

5) Humility is important. I went into this challenge thinking it would be no big deal. Sure it would be hard work, but I know how to work hard. The fact of the matter is there are no short cuts when it comes to healthy living. The idea is simple – eat clean and work hard. With the variables involved it becomes so much more complicated. The science of weight loss can be tricky. All we can do is put in the work and hope for the best.

There ya have it.

What are your thoughts/tips on weight loss, progress, or inspiration?

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27 thoughts on “60 Day Fat Loss Results”

  1. You look amazing! Body fat is just another number, like the numbers on the scale. What matters more is how you feel and the changes that YOU see in the mirror everyday.

    I’m highly insulin resistant (but not prediabetic) due to genetics so my body fat takes a loooong time to drop. It is much, much harder when you’ve got medical issues going on but regardless, it’s just a number.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and kicking butt!


  2. You look great and way to go! You said it perfect, it is not a diet but a way of life 🙂 Stick with it, sounds like you have made some great changes already.


  3. YOU LOOK AMAZING. The before and after pictures are proof that muscle ways more than fat and you can’t judge “fit” my the scale. You look like you lost way more than 14 pounds! Good job girl, keep it up! How do you want to continue on your fitness journey?


  4. first I have to say congrats and don’t forget to celebrate every bit of that 2.8%!! If you hadn’t put forth any effort it would have been 0, but now you are steps closer to your goal 🙂

    I think it’s awesome your company did this! Definitely tapping in to our competitive nature can help push us farther


  5. Wow. So inspiring! Although I am on the other end of the spectrum (I am trying to gain weight) I think this is incredibly inspiring and you should be so proud of yourself! You’re doing a fantastic job 😀


  6. Hi Courtney, Firstly well done to you for joining the challenge, sticking to it and losing fat and weight. I can’t add much more to the lessons that you have learned from this journey and will continue to use.

    It’s about support, focusing on body dimensions and fat loss than weight loss (that tends to come). It is definitely a lifestyle but it should be sustainable and each of us has amazing strength within, I’ve learnt this in so many areas of my life. Keep up the
    great work you are such an inspiration.

    Connecting from SITS Sharefest.

    Fitnessbuster supporting you in improving your fitness and nutrition.


  7. What an amazing accomplishment! I have just started at Cross Fit and am so looking forward to the experience. I am going to follow your blog. Looking forward to seeing your next steps.

    Visiting from SITS


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