Menu Plan Monday

Everyone has those “What’s For Dinner?” moments. You know, the ones where its like almost 4pm and the kid is crying “I so so huuunkkkyyy (hungry) mom!” Before I started actually writing out my menu plan I would stand in the pantry door way praying for inspiration to strike. Inevitably I would end up having to run to the store to get something or we would just end up eating out.

For those of you who haven’t tried menu planning… What are you waiting for?! It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. An easy way to do it is to write down some of the classic dishes that are reoccurring in your house. For us that is Tacos, Buffalo Chicken, Fajitas, Thai/Stir-Fry, smoked meat w/sides, some form of Italian “pasta” dish. Then I just add a few new ideas here and there to round out the meal plan. I used to try to cook new stuff all the time, but it got kinda tiring (and expensive!) I’ve found repeating the same meals often helps keep cost down and according to The 4 Hour Body it’s good for you too! These meals are all things we ate regularly before trying to clean up our diet, but we still eat them, just with a few changes… like buffalo chicken lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches, or taco salad instead of fajitas.

When I make the meal plans I like to use a printed calendar and actually write out our meals so I can hang a visual in the kitchen, that way I know what I can choose from for dinners for the week. I am pretty flexible with what we “feel” like eating that night. If Buffalo Chicken is on the menu for Monday and we are feeling more like Pad Thai then I make Pad Thai.


About 2 months ago we got a Sam’s Club membership. We have been doing 1 big shopping trip for meat and then freezing/sealing it with the food sealer. This is awesome, it means I only have to shop for produce most of the month. It keeps from those unexpected trips to the store, which really add up both time and money. Neither of which I like to waste.

So, this week’s dinners are (not for any particular day):

-Buffalo Chicken
Paleo Pad Thai 
-Taco Salad
PF Changs Lettuce Wraps

Also, since we both work from home I try to plan lunches. I actually made a bunch of shredded chicken this weekend to use in burrito bowls with beans, guac, and veggies. We also like having some kielbasa with peppers and tomatoes. Then there is always the go-to healthy lunch: a big ole’ salad! Plus leftovers, but those are rare these days!

Breakfast is the same 80% of the time, eggs and bacon (yummy organic farmer’s market bacon!). Sometimes we will have Paleo Pancakes or a hash of some sort.

What’s on your menu this week? Do you do any kind of meal planning?

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