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60 Day Fat Loss Challenge Check In: Week 4

Last Friday marked the half way point for the 60 day fat loss challenge! It seems like it has been way longer than that. Week 4 was a bit tough as we were in Miami for a few days. Being away from home and CrossFit plus traveling and being tired just made it seem like a tough week. I weighed in at 204.2 for the week 3 check in. While I weighed in at 204.2 when I got home from Miami, I think the weekend caught up with me. I was super relaxed, but super tired too!


Friday June 22
Travel Day

While I didn’t work out on Friday I did find great amusement in the fact that our hotel was exactly 13.1 miles from the parking garage at the airport… Runners Humor. Also it would be awesome to finish a half marathon in 22 minutes.

Saturday June 23

Walking all over Miami. Plus as lazy as it looks, being on a Segway for 2 hours is a killer leg workout!

Sunday June 24

More walking all over the beach. Also, I had the absolute best gluten free pizza ever. It was at Pizza Fusion on 5th and Alton in Miami Beach. SO GOOD! All organic and gluten free!

Monday June 25th

1.25 mile Run on the boardwalk with the hubs, plus squats, push ups, lunges

Tuesday June 26th 

Recovery Day from Late Night Travel

Wednesday June 27th

Nike Training Club 30 minute Cardio work out. (Have you downloaded the Nike Training Club app? You totally should… it is awesome.)

Thursday June 28th


Pre-WOD: Snatch 5×3
WOD: 7 rounds for time (I did it in 9:15!)
7 pull ups
7 box jumps (I did step ups, still terrified of box jumps)
7 Sit ups

Post-WOD: 200m Row Sprint x3

The Results

Starting Weight: 210
Week 1: 205.4
Week 2: 205
Week 3: 204.2
Week 4: 204.8

While I’m not thrilled to have a .6 gain… It was a tough week. I learned a lot though. Making healthy choices (side salad vs fries) when eating out makes a huge difference.

What are your tips for losing (or not gaining) weight while traveling?


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