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60 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Week 2 Check In

Our second week of the 60 day fat loss challenge ended last Friday. It feels like we have been doing this a lot longer… and like I should be seeing more results than I am. I have to be honest, this weigh in really discouraged me. I had been up and down in my weight all week, mostly fluctuating a pound or two at a time… which I know can be contributed to many things. I felt like I had a pretty solid week of work outs and felt pretty confident that I had stuck close to our Paleo/Clean eating diet. Let’s recap the week…

Friday June 8
1 Mile run/.75 walk with kiddo & doggy

Saturday June 9
4 Mile Run 

I was determined to have a “long run”… Previous to this I hadn’t run over like 2.5 miles since my half marathon in April. I decided that instead of doing my normal neighborhood loop I would venture out on an out and back. I figured 4 miles would be fine, 2 out and 2 back. I felt great the first 2 miles… It was the last 2 that killed me! The heat was extreme, I ran out of water AND I almost peed my pants, like literally peed in my pants. I had to walk a lot of the last mile because I was so spent… plus if I ran anymore I would have peed my pants!

I spent the rest of the day in my CEP compression socks. After 4 miles. I’ve become such a wuss.

CEP Compression Socks

Sunday June 10
Run 2.0 miles

I went out for a late (read: after Little Dreamer’s bedtime) run. It felt great not to run in the heat of mid day and to not be pushing a stroller. Also, I tried out my new neon socks. I’m sure this contributed to me feeling great. Seriously.

Monday June 11
1.5 miles of intervals @ gym

75lb back squats
Pull ups on the machine
Static Row 70lb 

gym treadmillobviously no one wanted to race. yes, i am one of those people. if you are next to me we are racing. I see your 6.5 mph and raise you to 7.0!!

Tuesday June 12

Strength- 1 rep max for power snatch. a whopping 50 lbs for me… watch out!
WOD: 3 rounds for time
15 dips
20 dumbbell snatches (20lbs)
30 barbell squat jumps

I finished in 9:05.

Wednesday June 13
Rest Day

Thursday June 14

Warm Up: 400m run
Pre WOD: 3 rounds
10 pull ups
25 Sit ups
30 sec rest

400m run
9 Bear Complex (55lbs)
200 m run
7 Bear Complex
100 m run
5 Bear Complex

What’s a bear complex you ask? I’m so glad you brought it up!

looks awesome, right? haha.

So with all the working out and eating right you’d think I’d dropped like 5 lbs and 2 pants sizes, right?


Week 1 Check In: 205.4
Week 2 Check In: 205
Loss: .4 lbs
Total Loss Since June 1: 5 lbs

It is still a loss, and I’m proud of that. I think I’m not losing quite as fast because I am building muscle at the same time. At least I hope that’s why.

This week I’m trying to stay on track of my diet not just by eating right, but watching portion sizes closer. I’ve also decided to link up with Jess at Run With Jess with her LOSE A Marathon Challenge. The goal is to lose 26.2 lbs by September 17.  I love linking up with fellow bloggers! There is inspiration in numbers!

So, here is to a better weigh in this week!

What do you do to stay motivated after working hard and not seeing huge results?


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