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Time To Enjoy

Have you ever had some free time and wished you could find something fun to do? Maybe the kids are restless from spending yet another summer day stuck at home and you want to see what there is to do around town. Maybe you’re visiting a new area and aren’t sure what there is to do close by.

Good news: There is a solution! Better News: It’s Free!

It’s the Time To Enjoy App


This app uses the calendar on the iPhone to find open slots of time and search for events that are occurring during your free time. You can find movies, concerts, theater events, kid’s activities, and other special events. You can change the setting to include just events your interested in, or leave it open to search all available events during that time period.


You just tap on the time period you have open, then your options will come up.


You then can add it to your calendar and even invite friends right from that same app! This app is a great way to stop the “What are we going to do” arguments that most friends have when planning a group outing. It answers the What and When all in one app.

So, take a second and download the Time To Enjoy App and let me know in the comments that you did!


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