Coffee Date: Progress

hello friday, it’s so nice to see you.

I’m excited for our coffee date today. Not just because I get to spend time with you, but also because I NEED THE COFFEE!

today i’m using the extra large mickey cup, dreaming of being at disney world.
Little Dreamer is eating up some greek yogurt in the background (making a huge mess)

 if we were having coffee today i would apologize profusely for the mess around here, it’s just one of those days seasons. I would tell you that I struggle with the fact that I can’t do it all by myself. I put so much pressure on myself to keep up with my exercise and eating, school, work, being a mommy and wife… and it’s just a lot.

(i would also tell you in the span of writing this i had to get up more times than i remember to get milk, help with potty time, let the dog out… etc)

i would talk about my revelations on self-sabotage and how it applies to a lot of areas in my life. i would also tell you that the comparison trap is a tricky one in weight loss, christianity, motherhood… life in general. but i would also tell you that confronting these areas head on makes me want to work harder to overcome them. Something about bringing dark areas into the light makes them less scary.

i would tell you that this week i’ve actually allowed myself more time to think about “what if i succeed?” rather than “what if i fail?”
and that, my dear ones, is progress.

What would you share with me if we had coffee?

 i’m linking up with Alissa at Rags To Stitches


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